Last Update May 31, 2023


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Fincantieri and Naval Group cemented their joint desire to build a future of excellence for the shipbuilding industry and Navies with the creation of the joint venture NAVIRIS, which has been established with the aim of winning competitions in the field of military vessels.

NAVIRIS is an equal-share Joint Venture in order to guarantee agile decision-making and efficient project execution. With one foot at the head office in Genoa (Italy) and the other at the research facility in Ollioules (France), the NAVIRIS teams will conduct bi-national and export projects in agreement with the Franco-Italian management and parent companies.

With the support of the Italian and French Governments, NAVIRIS’ mission is to:

  • Exploit the commercial respective footprints of the two Mother Companies on the export market;
  • Increase the export business volume of the Mother Companies;
  • Increase the bi-national programs business value;
  • Foster a more efficient supply policy;
  • Conduct selected research and innovation activities to provide operational superiority to customers;
  • Encourage cross-fertilization with test structures / tools and expertise network.


  • Piazza Borgo Pila 39 Torre B int.1, Genova (GE) 16129, Italy
  • +39 010 4228615
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