As we look into the 21st century, the way in which military forces communicate, disseminate intelligence and issue orders is changing as several NATO-aligned nations pursue network enabled capabilities programmes. There is now an emphasis on ‘system of systems’ network that empowers a robust web of interaction between air and ground forces – maximising asset deployment and creating a common operating picture.

As battlespace has become digitised, the focus on data and communication networking between joint forces and command and control facilities has taken centre stage. With combat exercises increasingly operating in asymmetrical environments, there is a growing need to exploit well networked forces. In this context, through streams of data and real-time analysis, decision making on the ground has become more effective and efficient - with robustly networked forces adaptively responding to threats with versatility and agility.

SMi’s Network Centric Warfare conference will focus on key aspects challenging and enhancing joint operations - in particular, utilisation of digital fire support, interoperability between air and ground based communication systems, digitalisation of battlespace, improving technical education and the Forza NEC programme.

Featured speakers include the Italian Army, Italian Navy, US Army Europe, NATO, DSTL, UK MoD and more. See the full list of speakers and register on

Early Birds apply: Book by 31 October to save £400. Book by 30 November to save £200. Book by 15 December to save £100.

Opening Date:01/02/2018
Closing Date:02/02/2018
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