The 19th annual Military Airlift and Air-Air Refuelling conference and exhibition will return to Rome on the 4th and 5th December 2018, with a brand-new pre-conference focus day on Air-Air Refuelling on the 3rd December 2018.

With the airlift sector in constant development, there are more than 800 new platforms set to be delivered at a combined value over $65 billion in the next 10 years. The need to transport troops, cargo, medical supplies, vehicles and other mission critical equipment remains fundamental to any defence force that aims to deploy globally. The importance of ready rapid response to ensure these forces can be mobilised and moved quickly is crucial for any expeditionary operation.

Sustaining and maintaining this air mobility feeds into the second aspect of this important event. Air-to-Air refuelling remains vital to deliver extended flight time for both transport and strike components of an air force and without which extended aerial deployments would simply not be possible.


  • Forward basing and expeditionary operations
  • International operability
  • Training
  • Airlift platform acquisition
  • Air-air refuelling
  • Medevac
  • Pooling and sharing
  • Tactical, humanitarian and strategic airlift
  • Ground support equipment

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Opening Date:03/12/2018
Closing Date:05/12/2018
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