Changes1.EU Agency responsible

European Asylum Support Office, Winemakers Wharf, Grand Harbour, Valletta, MRS 1917, MALTA

2.Background and objectives

EASO envisages awarding a contract for the provision of office premises in Athens for its staff and serve the operational offices scattered around Greece i.e. mainland and islands.

As the activities in Greece have intensified, the number of staff increased too. Moreover, the current lease is due to expire in January 2020. The provision of office premises in Athens is deemed necessary. Therefore, a new lease contract shall have to commence on 1.1.2020.

3.Scope of the service

3.1) General objective:

Lease of a well accessible and representative office premises in the centre of Athens with the capability to accommodate both office and meeting functions. The building and its installations shall not be older than 5 years (new or refurbished) and offer state of art technical installations. Both building and installations shall be duly licensed and certified and be in full compliance with all applicable Greek regulations governing the exploitation of office buildings.

Any lease contract shall be available for at least 7 years with the possibility of extension thereafter with periods of 2 years each. The lease agreement shall cover the lease costs and the ancillary services.

3.2) Description of requirements:

Below follows a summarized categorized breakdown of EASO’s requirements and expectations pertaining premises in Athens. Upon participation in this procurement procedure, more detailed technical specifications shall be provided. In general, EASO seeks to attain the highest standard of working environment and facilities in its offices. Many of the requirements are derived from the manual of standard building specifications, European Commission, office for infrastructure and logistics, version 12.12.2011.

3.2.1) Geographical location and connectivity:

— the premises must be located within a perimeter of maximum 3,5 km from Athens Syntagma square,

— ample public transport (bus, tram, train, metro) connections shall be available within <250 m of the premises,

— the offices shall be located at the second floor or higher and be accessible with a lift,

— parking spaces (10) are available in the basement of the premises or within walking distance (<250 m) an easy to access public subscribed parking facility,

— the street where the premises are located shall be accessible by car.

3.2.2) Internal spatial needs:

— per workstation circa 10 m2 is available (a typical workstation carries a desk (160 x 80 cm, a chair, a cabinet 40 x 60 cm, chest of drawers under the desk),

— a number of 50 workstations is required of which 10 in individual rooms of circa 12 m2 to 16 m2 each, while 40 workstations shall be accommodated in pairs of 2 per room only,

— all offices and meeting space have daylight access by means of an aperture in the façade,

— the entire premises has a floor to ceiling height of at least 3 m (server room excepted),

— gender separated toilets are in the same building and for the exclusive use of EASO only,

— the premises are accessible for disabled persons and have restroom/toilet facilities accordingly,

— the kitchen annex lunch/launch area of circa 25-30 m2 is equipped with a kitchen top, sink with mixer tap, preferably a built-in dishwasher, sufficient electrical power sockets for electrical equipment such as fridges, microwave, coffee machines,

— a congress meeting room suitable for at least 110 persons that can be divided into 2 separate (un-) equal sized meeting rooms as well,

— connected to the congress meeting room is a breakout area and optionally a catering area to serve beverages and pre-cooked meals,

— 2 meeting rooms with a capacity of circa 16-20 persons each,

— 3 storage rooms for archives and supplies of circa 15 m2 each or an equivalent of the accumulated m2,

— a reception area capable of carrying an additional 2 functional workstations,

— server/switch room of circa 20 m2,

— adjacent and preferably connected to the server room a computer lab of circa 25 m2,

— adjacent to the computer lab one storage room of circa 20 m2,

— designated areas outside the office space for circa 5 multi functional printers,

— the offices are preferably located on one floor, whilst the congress meeting area may be on another floor but nearby.

3.2.3) Operational availability:

— full access to the premises from 07.00 to 20.00 (Athens time) Monday-Sunday,

— within the said time window full functioning of all mechanical and electrical installations,

— outside the defined full access hours, possibility to enter and use the premises with a maximum delay of 15 minutes.

3.2.4) Facility services:

The following services are expected to be delivered and performed within the framework of a service level agreement between the lessor and the lessee:

— cleaning including supplies of cleaning materials, equipment and sanitary consumables,

— maintenance (ordinary and extra-ordinary) including handyman,

— waste disposal, separating at least plastic, glass, paper,

— preferably a confidential paper waste disposal service,

— building insurance, to cover basic damages such as fire, theft, water overflow and similar damages, throughout the duration of the lease,

— utilities (water, electricity and cooking gas) included in the rent at a fixed rate monthly surcharge,

— building and services related local taxes are included,

— qualified Security services, collective front desk security when in a shared building and/or security attendance in EASO’s offices during normal office hours 08.00 to 18.00 (Athens time).

3.2.5) Mechanical and electrical installations and fitting out:

— heating/air-conditioning systems (individually controllable in all spaces),

— ventilation (filtered supply and extract) systems,

— appropriate for the function, ceiling mounted light systems (preferably dimmable),

— thermal insulation of windows (inside and outside) e.g. sun screens, roller blinds, UV-film,

— sound proof partitioning between internal spaces,

— in general, the application of noise cancelling/absorbing materials on internal floors, ceilings and partitions,

— all apertures in the façade, doors and window alike, are expected to adequately insulate the interior from outside noises and draft,

— all rooms and spaces have data outlets available (connected to the server/switch room with CAT6 data cable), on average 2 per workstation,

— all rooms have sufficient power sockets available, minimal 4 per workstation,

— preferably backup generator to maintain operable in case of a failure from the normal electricity grid. Server room/switch room:

— dedicated AC unit (indoor and outdoor) for server room; with a fall back option to a stand-by AC unit),

— preferably building UPS availability for the server room,

— sufficient space for 2 24U racks, room accessible with ramp/elevator (no stairs),

— all LAN as well as Internet connections need to be terminated in that room,

— 2 separate (redundant) power lines (from 2 independent providers) to be terminated in this room. Each line should be capable to supply minimum 8 000 kVA,

— 2 separate air-condition systems capable of supplying a minimum of 8 000 BTU each; each supplied by a different power line,

— the room should have a lock, fire detectors and no water sprinklers (instead a clean agent fire extinguisher or gas (eg. argonite) fire suppression system).

3.2.6) Safety and security installations.

It is expected that the premises be fully compliant with Greek regulation with regard to fire safety and fire prevention. A proven set of check and balances is in place to remain compliant with all legal requirements throughout the duration of the lease.

— the entire building is covered by an integrated fire detection system (smoke and heat detectors, monitored and controlled fire panels), all systems are expected to carry a valid certification,

— portable fire extinguishers installed and maintained as required by law,

— evacuation plans, evacuation routes and doors,

— at least one automated external defibrillator (AED) is mounted and maintained in the building,

— preferably an access control system, respecting the highest level of data protection,

— preferably a CCTV-system respecting the highest level of data protection, locations to be prior approved by EASO when inside office premises,

— preferably a master key lock system for technical, storage and archive rooms.


This prospecting procedure will be concluded with pre-selection of minimum 3 applicants whose premises enable requirements to be met. EASO will invite the pre-selected applicant(s) to enter into negotiations in a subsequent phase distinct from this procedure. The detailed tender specifications including technical specifications will be sent to the pre-selected applicant(s). The invited applicant(s) will be informed of the required content of the proposals and the documents to be furnished. With the submission of the proposal, each pre-selected applicant shall guarantee:

— that his proposal shall remain valid until any contract is signed,

— that any document concerning the premises shall be provided within the deadlines stipulated by EASO.

This notice is not in any way binding on EASO as regards contract award procedures. EASO reserves the right, at any time prior to the signature of the contract, to renounce or cancel this procedure, without applicants being entitled to claim any compensation. Prior to, or during, the negotiation stage, EASO will not sign any exclusivity contracts or similar clauses in favour of an applicant.

4.1) Requirements relating to requests to participate in the negotiated procedure;

4.1.1) Content.

The information contained in the request to participate must be submitted using the following forms:

1) Identification and declaration form duly dated and signed (indicating the details of the applicant; details of the owner – if different; full address of the premises; confirmation that the minimum required services and declaration concerning the exclusion criteria shall be provided). The form is available on:

2) Description of the surface areas; drawings (floors, facades, cross-sections) and plans showing a standard layout (in case of doubt 1:50 or 1:100 or 1:200 scale drawings may be requested).

4.1.2) Submission of requests to participate in the negotiated procedure.

Requests to participate, in the negotiated procedure, accompanied with the information required under point 4.1.1), must be sent by e-mail to: by 23.9.2019;

4.2) Assessment of proposals in the second phase (negotiated procedure):

Proposals received from the pre-selected applicant(s) that are not compliant and/or do not observe the area of research and/or the surface area sought as mentioned in point 3 of this notice, will be discarded.

Applicants of premises excluded will be duly informed.

Eligible proposals will be analysed on the basis of quality and price criteria in accordance with the following weightings:

— price (40 %),

— quality (60 %).

The tender's quality (Q) will be determined on the basis of award criteria which will be detailed in the tender specifications sent to the pre-selected applicants. The award criteria will consider various requirements scored to a maximum of 100 points.

In order to guarantee for a minimum level of quality, tenders that do not reach a minimum of 60 points of the possible overall score for the technical evaluation will be eliminated from further evaluation.

The classification of the offers will be based on a final score (F) in accordance with the following formula:

Score for tender X = Lowest reference price/price of tender X x 100 x 40 % + total quality score (out of 100) for all award criteria of tender X x 60 %

4) Contacts and additional information:

Applicants will be informed of their pre-selection or the decision not to be invited for the negotiated procedure. Any contact between applicants and EASO is prohibited, except where clarification would need to be given regarding the property prospecting notice. The request for clarification shall be made in writing to

Deadline Date2019-09-23
Publication Date2019-09-11
Procurement StatusActive
TypeNegotiated procedure
Contract TypeServices
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationEuropean Asylum Support Office
Class Code70332000
Class DescriptionNon-residential property services
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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