Procurement reference: 9509-IFT-46935

Project name: Tajik Water II - Khorog GBAO Project

Country: Tajikistan

Business sector: Municipal and environmental infrastructure

Project ID: 46935

Funding source: EBRD, SECO

Type of contract: services, works, goods

Type of notice: invitation for tenders

Issue date: 17.9.2019

Closing date: 13.11.2019 at 15.00 Khorog time

This invitation for tenders follows the general procurement notice for this project which was published on the EBRD website, Procurement Notices ( on 2.5.2017 and recently updated on 4.9.2018.

Khorog Water Company hereinafter referred to as ‘the Employer’ intends using part of the proceeds of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) towards the cost of Khorog Water Rehabilitation Project II.

The employer now invites sealed tenders from contractors for the following contract to be funded from part of the proceeds of the loan:

Total length of polyethylene water supply pipes to be installed is 14 645 m, including:

D40 mm m, D50 mm m, D110 mm m, D160 mm m, D200 mm m, D250 mm –m, D315 mm –m.

Tendering for contracts to be financed with the proceeds of a loan from the Bank is open to firms from any country.

To be qualified for the award of a contract, tenderers must satisfy the following minimum criteria:

(a) the tenderer shall have successful experience as prime contractor in the execution of at least 2 (two) completed contracts of a nature and complexity comparable to the proposed contract, within the last 5 (five) 2014-2018 years, each with a value of at least 960 000 USD (nine hundred sixty thousand) or equivalent. The tenderer shall have specific experience in installation of water supply pipeline with polyethylene pipes of at least 315 mm diameter and at least 10 000 m length;

(b) the tenderer has long-term profitability with positive average annual operating profit in the last 3 years;

(c) the average annual turnover over the last 3 years 2016-2018 is not less than 2 500 000 USD (two million five hundred thousand) or equivalent;

(d) the tenderer must have financial capability to meet plant, materials and works supply cash flow for contract, estimated as minimum 300 000 USD (three hundred thousand) or equivalent taking into account the tenderer’s commitments on other contracts;

(e) historical non-performance. A consistent history of awards against the tenderer or any partner of a joint venture or consortium may result in rejection of the tender;

(f) the tenderer shall provide CVs of suitably qualified personnel and ensure their availability to fill the following positions:

— project manager (at least 15 years of total experience, 5 years of experience as manager of similar works),

— water construction manager (at least 10 years of total experience, 5 years of experience as designer manager of similar works),

— construction manager (at least 10 years of total experience, 5 years of experience as construction manager of similar works).

(g) joint ventures or consortiums must satisfy the following minimum qualification requirements:

— the leading partner shall meet not less than 50 percent of all the qualifying criteria for turnover and financial position specified above,

— the other partners shall meet not less than 30 percent of all the qualifying criteria for turnover and financial position specified above,

— joint ventures and consortiums must satisfy collectively the criteria related to personnel, average annual turnover and financial position specified above.

(h) the tenderer and its personnel shall have and be able to demonstrate to the employer all the required construction licenses and permits stipulated by the legislation of Tajikistan prior to contract signature. All such licenses and permits shall remain valid for the whole period of the contract.

The qualification requirements are further detailed in the tender documents.

The works under contract are planned to be completed in 12 months.

Tender documents may be obtained from the office at the address below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 100 USD for foreign tenderers and equivalent of the mentioned sum in Tajikistani Somoni (TJS) at National Bank of Tajikistan ( rate of the payment day for Tajikistani tenderers. This fee includes expenses for communication services (VAT inclusive, and exclusive of Bank commission and other fees, which shall be paid by the tenderer). The method of payment will be direct deposit to any of the specified account numbers for respective currency.

The payment for the tender documents in Tajik Somoni shall be made to the bank account of Khorog Water Company:

Bank’s name: # 67 Branch of State Saving Bank of Tajikistan ‘Amonatbonk’ in Khorog

Khorog Water Company Tax ID: 700002133

Account No in TJ. 20202972834759567000

Loro account No 20402972316264

The payment for the tender documents in US Dollars shall be made to the bank account of Khorog Water Company:

Bank’s name: The First Microfinance Bank in Khorog

Address of the Bank: 4 Azizbek Str., Khorog, 736000, GBAO, Tajikistan

Account No 20206840248150237527

Beneficiary Bank: First Microfinance Bank, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Account No 0021-505420-091

Routing number: 026007809


Correspondent Bank: Transkapitalbank, Moscow, Russia


It is necessary to state in the payment document:

— the name of the payer,

— name of the beneficiary (Khorog Water Company), and

— details of payment: KhoWS-04

Upon request with an appropriate evidence of payment of the non-refundable fee and indication of a contact email, the documents will be promptly despatched to specify by a tenderer contact email electronically in PDF format, and no liability can be accepted for loss or late delivery. The tenderer can also collect the documents at the employer’s office upon direct payment to the purchaser’s cashier.

A pre-tender meeting will be held on 18.10.2019 at 11.00 a.m. local time at the address: 27 A.

Ayombekova Street, Khorog, GBAO, Republic of Tajikistan

A site visit will be held on 18.10.2019 at 13.00 a.m. at the address: 27 A. Ayombekova Street, Khorog, GBAO, Republic of Tajikistan.

All tenders must be accompanied by a tender security of 18 000 USD (eighteen thousand) US dollars or equivalent in Tajikistani Somoni at the rate of the National Bank of Tajikistan on the date of the tender security issue and must be delivered to the address below on or before 15.00 local time, 13.11.2019, when they will be opened in the presence of the tenderers’ representatives who wish to attend.

The applicable procurement rules are the Bank’s Procurement Policies and Rules (PP&R) which can be located at:

A register of potential tenderers who have purchased the tender documents may be inspected at the address below.

Prospective tenderers may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the tender documents at, the following office:

Contact person: Mr. Dustali Khudoyorov, Director, Purchasing Entity: Khorog Water Company, Address: 27 A. Ayombekova Street, Khorog, GBAO, REPUBLIC OF TAJIKISTAN, Tel/Fax: +992 35 22 228 87 - Email:

Deadline Date2019-11-13
Publication Date2019-09-20
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaNot specified
OrganisationKhorog Water Company
Attention OfMr. Dustali Khudoyorov
Phone+992 35 22 228 87
Class Code42990000
Class DescriptionMiscellaneous special-purpose machinery
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)