1) The Government of Lebanon has received 2 loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) for the implementation of Kesrouane Waste Water Project, and intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the contract for the Construction of Sewer Networks in Kesrouane (Ghazir System);

2) The Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR), as executing agency for and on behalf of the Government of Lebanon, and as the employer under this contract, invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the Construction of Sewer Networks in Kesrouane (Ghazir System). This project consists of the construction of around 216 Km of sewer networks in the towns of Halat, Nahr Ibrahim, Oqaybeh, Bouar, Safra, Chnanir, Fatqa, Tabarja, Adma, and Ghazir located within the district of Kesrouane (Lebanon);

3) Eligible bidders, including all members of a Joint Venture, shall be from an eligible source country. Bidders will be post-qualified after submitting all required and necessary information stated in the tender documents, and shall satisfy mainly the qualifying criteria listed hereafter:

(a) submit bank certificate for access to liquid assets and/or evidence of access to or availability of credit facilities of not less than 6 000 000 EUR or equivalent sufficient to meet the construction cash flow for the above contract for a period of six (6) months;

(b) average annual turnover in construction works of not less than Twenty Million Euros (20 000 000 EUR) or equivalent over the past Five (5) years;

(c) general experience during the last Five (5) years as a prime contractor in the construction of water or wastewater projects (sewer networks, water networks, pumping stations, and house connections);

(d) particular experience within the past Five (5) years as prime contractor who has successfully completed Three (3) water or wastewater networks projects, among which one wastewater network project for a value of not less than Ten Million Euros (10 000 000 EUR) or equivalent in value;

(e) submission of firms as a Joint Venture is allowed (maximum number of partners is Two (2)).

4) Bidders may obtain further information, and inspect and acquire the tender documents at the CDR at the address below, during office hours (from Monday to Friday).

5) A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased at the Council for Development and Reconstruction, for a non-refundable fee of One Thousand US Dollars (1 000 US$). The method of payment will be through a certified bank cheque in favor of the Council for Development and Reconstruction. The bidding document will be picked up from the tenders department at the address below;

6) Bids must be delivered to the address below on or before 12 o’clock noon, Beirut local time on 2.12.2019, and must be accompanied by a bid security of Eight Hundred Thousand Euro (800 000 EUR). Bids shall be valid for a period of 180 days following bids opening date. Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected.

7) Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at the time and date above mentioned, at the offices of the:

Council for Development and Reconstruction, Tallet El Serail, Tenders Department, Beirut, Lebanon, Tel: +961 1 981431/2 – Fax: +961 1 981255.

Deadline Date2019-12-02
Publication Date2019-10-18
Procurement StatusActive
TypeNot specified
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaNot specified
OrganisationCouncil for Development and Reconstruction
Phone+961 1 981431/2
Fax+961 1 981255.
Class Code45231300
Class DescriptionConstruction work for water and sewage pipelines
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)