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DNW, the German-Dutch wind tunnels, was established by the German Aerospace Center DLR and the Dutch Aerospace Center NLR.

DNW is a non-profit foundation under Dutch law, with headquarters in Marknesse in the Netherlands. Its tunnels are situated in a number of locations in the Netherlands and Germany: Marknesse, Amsterdam, Braunschweig, Göttingen and Köln.

DNW operates its own large, low-speed facility and the aeronautical wind tunnels of DLR and NLR. DNW provides solutions for the experimental simulation requirements of aerodynamic research and development projects. These projects can originate in the research community (universities, research establishments or research consortia) or in the course of industrial development of new products. Most of the industrial development projects originate in the aeronautical industry, but the automotive, civil engineering, shipbuilding and sports industries have also benefited from DNW’s capabilities.

Being the number one provider of specialized wind
DNW maintains and constantly strengthens its leading role through the use of advanced technologies, a flexible organization and a highly motivated and skilled team.

Providing strategic testing capabilities
For this purpose DNW makes use of the EU initiatives for improving and optimizing the research infrastructure and collaborates with related organizations.

Actively marketing its skills worldwide
Customers can benefit from DNW’s sophisticated wind tunnel facilities, combined with its extensive experience in in-depth and meticulous testing. In return, DNW aims to obtain a maximum of scale benefits and to be exposed to a wide range of challenges. Any knowledge and experience gained can subsequently be shared with its user community.

German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW)

  • Voorsterweg 31, 8316 PR, Marknesse, The Netherlands
  • +31 527 24 8520
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