Future of ASEAN, Forecast to 2025: GDP is forecast to increase from $2.4 Trillion in 2015 to $5.2 Trillion in 2025, largely due to the ongoing implementation of the AEC - Research and Markets

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ASEAN's GDP is forecast to increase from $2.4 Trillion in 2015 to $5.2 Trillion in 2025, largely due to the ongoing implementation of the AEC.

This study examines the potential contributions of this integration to regional growth by analysing the impact of various Mega Trends and expanding on the predictions for each sector. It also analyses the new growth drivers and the areas of innovation most likely to seen in ASEAN until 2025. The study's time frame is from 2015 to 2025. ASEAN, at the current level of economic growth, is poised to become the fourth-largest market after EU, US, and Chinaby 2030, supported by increased skilled workforce, abundant natural resources, and favourable geographic location for trade and commerce.

The huge regional economic integration of ASEAN would make ASEAN a single market and production base and create free movement of goods, services and labour like the European Union. This will boost the intra-regional trade both within ASEAN and among emerging Asia's economies which will raise the economic growth levels.

Key Questions Addressed:

- What are the major Mega Trends the region will see in the next 10 years?

- What would be the impact of these Mega Trends on the economy and businesses of ASEAN?

- How the integration of ASEAN economy will impact the economy and business of the region

- What are the future prospects of this region that would lead to attract more global investments and market attention?

Key Features:

- Extensive research covering 11 Mega Trends that would have the most significant impact on ASEAN

- Each Mega Trend further divided into sub-trends to identify region-wise opportunities for investments in various sectors

- A macro-to-micro analysis to understand the unmet needs or inherent business opportunities in relevant industries

Key Topics:

- Implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community and its predicted effects of the economy of the region

- The Top 10 companies in ASEAN, in several sectors, including finance, manufacturing, telecommunication, O&G, mining and food production

- Economy and Trade: The expected growth in ASEAN economy as a result of regional integration, Foreign direct investment, foreign trade agreements, the forecast economic outlook of ASEAN nations until 2025

- Manufacturing: Contribution of manufacturing to ASEAN's economy, the shift of manufacturing interest from China to ASEAN, the changing face of manufacturing in ASEAN as a result of technological advances, the growth of the Greater Mekong Sub region

- Digital trends: Connectivity in ASEAN, Internet economy, mobile economy, effects of an increasing digital population on businesses in ASEAN

- Infrastructure: Infrastructure funds in ASEAN, airports, rail network, ports, energy infrastructure

- Urbanization trends: Mega Cities, Mega Regions, Mega Corridors, and urbanization rate

- Social Trends: Demographic trends, middle class growth, women empowerment, and income distribution, consumer expenditure

- Future of energy: energy production and consumption, smart grids

- Future of mobility: multi-modal transport system, drone delivery, port automation, electronic road pricing, ride sharing apps, electric vehicles

- Future of Aviation: Open skies policy as a result of AEC, Airport traffic outlook, Aviation revenue - Health and wellness: ASEAN healthcare revenue growth, healthcare opportunities, healthcare policies, healthcare services disparity across the region, healthcare IT trends

Top Facts on the Future of ASEAN

- ASEAN Middle Class-363M people or 52% of the Population by 2025

- Manufacturing-Expansion from China to ASEAN

- Case Study-Singapore, ASEAN's High-Value Manufacturing Capital

- Connectivity in ASEAN

- ASEAN Online Retail Sector to be Boosted by Increased Connectivity

- Future of ASEAN Infrastructure

- ASEAN Mega Regions-3 Mega Regions to Emerge in ASEAN by 2025

- Social Trends-Population by Country

- Future of Energy

- Key Mobility Predictions for ASEAN, 2025

- ASEAN Healthcare Policies & Business Opportunities

- High Number of ASEAN FTAs to Accelerate Trade Growth

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