Impressions Holdings is the #1 Fastest Growing Software Company whose Management Team is Under 30 Years Old

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The three founders of Impressions Holdings left the web design industry to form their new company just 4 short years ago. What Zack Chen, Paul Freiman & Gabriele Genghini didn't know at the time was that this pivot would lead them to become the fastest growing software company with management under 30 years of age.

Of over 320 software companies that reached the famous Inc. 5000 list, Impressions Holdings appeared #20. What makes that feat even more astounding is the fact that none of the founder-executives are over 29 years old. In fact, this team was able to achieve 1,574% growth over three years through a combined mastery of online marketing tactics and programmatic automation.

"We began developing software to streamline our own internal processes," say CEO Zack Chen (29). "But as the three of us became more aware of our strengths and abilities, we pushed beyond what we needed ourselves. At this point, we've had the chance to work on things like automated content marketing and lead gen, but also stuff like DNA data compression, which is really cool."

Impressions Holdings' expertise in automation also gave this team the ability to remain efficient and profitable from an early age.

As COO Paul Freiman (29) put it, "We were able to bootstrap-fund our company with a total investment of just $5,000. You can't beat that ROI."

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