Education Industry Retires Flash to Embrace HTML5 and RTC Technology; Hybrid Meetings Rises to Meet Demand for Virtual Communications Tools

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Oct. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hybrid Meetings announced today its total virtual communications suite is gaining wide recognition and utilization by the education industry, which has long been recognized as a sector lagging in technology adoption.

"Flash is dead and organizations feeling pushed to change are finally embracing HTML5 and RTC technology," says James Miller, President of Hybrid Meetings. "As our clients in the education sector are realizing, HTML5 and RTC allow a rich and dynamic multimedia environment."

While the number of companies relying on Flash has steadily decreased over the last few years, as TechCrunch recently published, a number of holdouts remain, especially in the education and gaming space. According to Miller, its client Kaplan Inc. is a company leading the way by leveraging a Hybrid Meetings solution (Event 360) to help bring its educational programs and innovative learning technologies to students around the world.

Is there growing confidence in this shift? Absolutely. According to Computer Weekly: "HTML5 is everything that Flash set out to be and more, because it is an open-source technology built into browsers that has been tried and tested for many years (without any major vulnerabilities), and the quality of playback it supports is impressive in all the most popular browsers."

Miller adds, "The proprietary HTML5 technology in every Hybrid Meetings platform enables employees spread around the globe and virtual teams to meet and collaborate in real-time for seamless interaction and improved efficiency. We're happy to welcome Kaplan to our growing roster of client companies including Apple and Samsung."

About Kaplan

Kaplan, Inc. serves over 1 million students globally each year through its array of higher education, test preparation, professional education, English-language training, and university preparation, and offerings to individuals, institutions, and businesses. Across its nearly 80-year history, Kaplan has been recognized for expanding educational access and using technology and learning science innovations to continually improve outcomes for its students and partners. For more information, please visit

About Hybrid Meetings

When you seek to communicate easily and effectively in real time, turn to Hybrid Meetings. Hybrid Meetings offers a single, customized platform for all real-time virtual communications needs including meetings, one-to-one communications, and webinars. This one platform eliminates the need for disparate solutions and multiple licenses, and can reflect customized branding and specific functionality to suit the preferences of every client company. Hybrid Meetings is a CMS Network Partner and delivers solutions including Event 360 and Virtual Rep Connect. For more information, visit or call 888-400-1573 and ask how you can see the future now!

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