Excite Energy LLC Unrolls Affinity Energy Plan In Texas

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Excite Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Photon Energy Corp, and registered power aggregator with the public utilities commission of Texas, has rolled out a new energy affinity program for a prominent Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce. Affinity programs are business partnerships in which a company offers special rates or services to a association's members to increase revenue for both organizations. This affinity program creates energy cost savings for the businesses in the membership organization and will also facilitate new membership enrollment as the good news spreads about the cheap electricity.

Aggregation has been a business model historically used for municipalities and government entities, but Excite Energy LLC is using this model to achieve significant savings goals for all facets of the deregulated market in Texas. Excite Energy LLC will work with member organizations and associations to develop an exclusive energy program custom designed to exactly meet the member's needs.

Excite Energy LLC employs skilled and professional power brokers who are ready to analyze power bills, aggressively negotiate better rates for organizations, and bring the power of aggregation into the cost saving conversations of management. This will directly impact savings on monthly utility bills in Texas.

To discuss an Affinity program for your Texas Chamber or association please contact Excite Energy LLC at 1-888-336-8128 or email customercare@exciteenergyllc.com and you will be connected to a registered Texas energy broker.

Visit Excite Energy LLC today at http://www.photonenergycorp.com/excite-energy-llc/

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