GC Incentives, Ovation Incentives Enter Collaborative Alliance to Benefit Customers

OMAHA, Neb. and LONDON, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- GC Incentives|GiftCertificates.com, based in Omaha Nebraska USA, has entered into a strategic marketing alliance with Ovation Incentives, based in London UK, in a move that will benefit customers of both companies.

The move is intended to leverage the strengths of GC Incentives|GiftCertificates.com as a leader in providing innovative reward solutions and gift products for the corporate and consumer markets, and Ovation Incentives, which has built a strong reputation as a provider of innovative rewards and incentive solutions to businesses, particularly those outside the United States.

Under the agreement, GC Incentives plans to introduce Ovation Incentives as its fulfillment partner for services it brings to customers located outside the United States. In turn, Ovation Incentives will look to GC Incentives for the fulfillment of business opportunities in the United States.

Jonathan Grey said the alliance with GC Incentives will extend the reach of Ovation Incentives, which he founded in 2001. "We understand the global significance of what we have set out to do as a leader in the incentives industry," said Grey. "By connecting with GC Incentives|GiftCertificates.com, we are confident our customers will benefit from a strategy that starts with stronger connections and that is what this alliance is first and foremost about."

For GC Incentives, the opportunity represented by the alliance with Ovation Incentives is one that CEO Rick Buer said will provide strategic benefits to customers.

"We already know how important having a global footprint is to those who look to the incentives industry for leadership," said Buer. "Working with Ovation Incentives is one more step forward in delivering that global perspective in our business."

The use of Ovation Incentives' technology will include its Encore social employee reward and recognition platform for clients in the U.S. and globally. Under the alliance, GC Incentives will make its GiftPass reward fulfillment technology available for Ovation's use in the U.S.

GC Incentives|GiftCertificates.com will be able to use Ovation Incentive's global reward solution, the Universal Voucher System, for fulfillment technology in Canada and other parts of the world.

As part of the alliance, Ovation Incentives' Universal Voucher technology will be further developed to meet various client needs for both companies, an example of which would be initiatives to promote corporate wellness programs.

Both companies have agreed to align their sales and marketing tools and assets for their mutual benefit.

About GC Incentives

With two decades behind them, GC Incentives challenges common practices in the incentive and recognition industry with innovative solutions that provide mobile-optimized tools to manage and deliver incentive and recognition programs. Businesses can avoid complex, expensive platforms and leverage their own systems to deliver high-value gift card rewards. GC has easy, effective and efficient solutions that keep more than 95 percent of budget invested in what matters most--people. The company remains agile and responsive to industry needs for large and small business alike. GC has state-of-the-art program solutions for clients in automotive, wellness, human resources and sales and marketing arenas. Learn more at www.gcincentives.com.

About Ovation Incentives

Ovation Incentives is a technology-focused performance improvement agency. Since 2001, it has helped its clients improve performance by providing incentives, rewarding and motivating customers, partners and employees. Ovation does this by combining its world-class global reward portfolio with tailor-made technology systems to deliver award-winning solutions across 120+ countries, 35+ languages and currencies. Learn more at www.ovationincentives.com.

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