Break The Paper Habit! Stop Printing Now! Save A Tree With New App, FLEETSHEET©

BRIDGEHAMPTON, N.Y., Dec. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Available on Google Play and coming soon to The App Store for iOS devices, FLEETSHEET© (patent pending) is a first-of-its-kind app which eliminates the need for printing by transferring docs between a computer and smart devices in just one click. With responsive design, a document or image appears exactly as it would on printed paper on any screen size, without zooming or moving around.

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With FLEETSHEET©, "Think of the Environment before Printing" no longer applies. The document you were about to print out for quick reference? Hit cancel. The FLEETSHEET© app brings the dream of a "paperless office" to reality.

The app allows the user to click "print" on any computer and have documents appear instantly on a tablet or smart phone. Devices just need to be paired on the same Wi-Fi. When you have retrieved info from the FLEETSHEET© "printed" document, simply click delete. No messy paper piles. No eco waste. Just Best Environmental Practices (BEP).

Have documents to edit while on the bus or taking a flight? FLEETSHEET© makes working on site passé. With an upgrade, send a document to your smart device, notate on it with a stylus, save or share with colleagues.

A product of EHCH142 LLC, FLEETSHEET© was conceived by Long Island-based bookkeeper and entrepreneur Christine Reina Hoyt, and developed with Binartech, an innovation leader based in Opole, Poland.

Hoyt said, "People ask, 'why do I need FLEETSHEET©? I can just email a document to myself and open it on my tablet.' With FLEETSHEET© you eliminate the onion layers of clunky emailing, opening, trying to adjust the image. It's one click, there's your document and you just saved a ton of time."

She added, "For example -- every time I reconcile a bank statement, I have to print the statement from the bank website so I can cross reference to my bookkeeping program. I don't need the paper document after, but I can't just throw it away - the statement has to be shredded. It's a whole process that wastes paper, toner, company time and my energy. That's what makes this a 'better mousetrap.'

"Bottom line: stop throwing paper in the garbage, stop wasting the day hanging out at the printer chitchatting, stop printing out things that aren't needed -- like when you want to save the first three lines of an email but didn't realize that the string had been going on for days and 14 pieces of paper spit out of your printer. Right?"

FLEETSHEET© is free, with in-app purchases of unlimited printing at $6.99 per month. The notation feature is $9.99 per month. Install FLEETSHEET© at, at Google Play and coming soon to The App Store.

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