Case Study: Supply Chain Analysis Helps a Hydro Energy Client Enhance Operations and Increase Reliability

SpendEdge, a global procurement intelligence advisory firm, has announced the release of their new ’supply chain analysis study on the hydro energy industry’. A renowned hydro energy provider with multiple storage locations wanted to get a better handle on their logistics and distribution network. The client had developed an incredibly complex, global production and distribution network with various modes of transportation for delivering their offering to customers. Hence, they wanted to leverage supply chain analysis solutions to devise new strategies which would help them enhance their operational efficiency.

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Supply Chain Analysis Study on the Hydro Energy Industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

Supply Chain Analysis Study on the Hydro Energy Industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

According to procurement analysts at SpendEdge, “Technologies with lower environmental impact, such as small hydro, run-of-river, and low head turbines have proven to be extremely popular in the global hydro energy space.”

Renowned hydro energy providers are leveraging the use of supply chain analysis solutions, as it facilitates better controls of procurement spends along with compliance monitoring. Supply chain analysis solutions also help businesses in developing an end-to-end follow-up procedure to resolve discrepancies in the supply chain network.

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The supply chain analysis solutions offered by the experts at SpendEdge helped the hydro energy provider in designing a strategic blueprint of the future supply in six key areas, including sales and customer service, operations, planning, supply chain network, organization structure, performance management, and IT. Our solutions also assisted the client in setting up a hierarchy of key performance indicators that aligned with their business goals.

Our supply chain analysis solutions offered benefits that helped the client to:

  • Identify numerous improvement opportunities at the functional level
  • Streamline planning and operational processes

To know more, read the complete supply chain analysis case study here:

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