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  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

ACOPLASTICOS, is a Colombian nonprofit trade association founded in 1961 for the representation of companies of the industrial chemical industry, namely the plastics, rubber, paint and ink (coatings), fiber, and petrochemical sectors, among others.

The Association is located in Bogotá with affiliations throughout Colombia and cities, such as Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cali, Cartagena and Medellin.

The general objectives of ACOPLÁSTICOS are:

  • The promotion of sustainable development,
  • The contribution to the business management and the coordination of the represented companies,
  • To be a spokesperson to the government and the public and private, national and foreign entities.

ACOPLÁSTICOS has performed various activities related to sectorial studies and analysis, such as performance analysis, analysis of the Colombian and foreign economy, as well as the commercial sector, etc.

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Contact info #1

Paula Fernandez
+57 1 346 0655
Environmental Management
+57 1 249 6997
Calle 69 No. 5 - 33, Bogota, Colombia

Support Services

ACOPLÁSTICOS is offering promotional services on companies of the industrial chemical industry supporting competitiveness and regional development. The Association is also offering counselling, guidance and training services to its company members.

Promotional Events

ACOPLÁSTICOS is organizing promotional events, campaigns and industrial fora, such as the PVC Foro Andino for the promotion of regional development, as well as research and development programs aiming to make the industrial chemical community more competitive in terms of business growth.

Under the auspices of SENA, ACOPLÁSTICOS participates in committees of companies from the industrial chemical industry, such as the hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, plastics, and synthetic rubber sectors.

Research & Training Institute of Plastics & Rubber

Research and Training Institute of Plastics and Rubber – ICIPC: The Research and Training Institute of Plastics and Rubber, ICIPC, was created in 1993 by the Colombian Association of Plastic Industries – ACOPLÁSTICOS, the EAFIT University of Medellin and the company FORMACOL. Since its founding, the Institute has been working closely with the industry in constant pursuit of competitiveness.


As a result of this ongoing effort, the Institute has developed a portfolio of services to address the concerns of Colombian entrepreneurs in the polymer processing industry.


Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center – CIREC

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center – CIREC: The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center - CIREC Colombia is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1976 and dedicated to the provision of medical services, physical and occupational therapy and psychological and social support, as well as the development of prosthetics and orthotics with an integrated approach to the physically disabled population.


ACOPLÁSTICOS has decided to participate to the 45,000 success stories of CIREC, providing new opportunities to a group of people with diverse abilities and to victims of armed conflict through a complete rehabilitation program.



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