Aero started the L-39NG aircraft pre-series production line

A project of the new training aircraft L-39NG, the successor to the legendary Albatros, has reached another important milestone. The pre-series production line construction advanced to the stage that allows the launch of the aircraft's airframe assembly.

Aero Vodochody have launched production of a total of four L-39NGs and first assembly for the fuselage and the wing are being built. The first and the fourth aircraft will be used for flight tests, the second one for static tests and the third for fatigue tests. The aircraft will not be prototype but built according to serial production standard further confirming the good progress of the program. The first flight of the new pre-series L-39NG is planned to happen before the end of this year.

“Aero Vodochody is working intensively on its return among leading training aircraft manufacturers. That is the reason why we are now concentrating our capacities mainly on the L-39NG project and its industrialization. Success of the new training aircraft would bring a great benefit not only to Aero Vodochody but also to the entire Czech aviation industry,” said Giorgio Giordo, president of Aero Vodochody. During the last year, Aero completed selection of the key external suppliers for the aircraft production leading to a good combination of international and national partners. “Within the supply chain, about 40 Czech companies has been involved in the L-39NG development and production. After rump up of serial production, the L-39NG program will ensure thousands job positions in Aero and in our suppliers,” added Giuseppe Giordo.

This breakthrough project of the Czech aviation industry enjoys support of the Czech Export Bank that provided a loan for the development of the L-39NG. "Advanced engineering technologies from Vodochody belong the world’s top and the Czech Export Bank is here to support precisely the export of high added-value technologies. At the same time, we are pleased that this way we will support also the entire domestic aviation industry as well as the diversification of the Czech economy exports, because there is a worldwide interest in aircraft from Aero," said CEO and the Chairman of CEB Karel Bureš. Another partner of the L-39NG project is Omnipol that financially contributes to the aircraft’s development and sales.

A favorable opportunity opens up for the training aircraft segment in the world market. A large part of all training fleet must undergo major modernization in the upcoming years as the existing aircraft are about to retire or they do not meet today's flight training requirements. "A view to the 10 to 15 year horizon shows that there will be a need to replace up to 3,000 training aircraft. Our target is to deliver more than 100 L-39NGs in the next 10 years. It is a great chance for the Czech export that has, thanks to the good reputation of Aero Vodochody aircraft and the L-39NG, an opportunity to play a significant role in the world's aviation market once again," added the president of Aero Vodochody Giuseppe Giordo.


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