Gene By Gene Selects BC Platforms to Enhance its World Leading Genomic Data Processing Services

Basel, SWITZERLAND and Boston, March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analytics, announces that it has been selected by Gene By Gene, the industry leader in offering integrated multi-disciplinary genetic testing services, to scale up its genomic data processing and storage capabilities.

Through its division, Family Tree DNA, Gene by Gene was the first company globally to develop DNA testing for ancestry and genealogical purposes as a commercial application. Gene By Gene selected BC Platforms as its partner to increase the capacity of its genomic data processing pipeline and storage solutions in order to meet the increased demand in its genetic testing services.

BC Platforms will provide a streamlined, highly automated solution for running parallel imputation of genotype data from multiple chips as well as historical data. BC Platforms' Tiling technology enables the unparalleled compression of data, providing a highly efficient data storage solution, allowing mass computational analysis. This solution will enable Gene By Gene to run their downstream reporting and analytics in a more streamlined fashion, dramatically improving their laboratory processes and saving data storage costs.

Elliott Greenspan, Director Of Engineering from Gene By Gene said, "We collect tens of thousands of genomic data samples on a daily basis and we chose BC Platforms because of their unique capabilities and ready-made solutions for genomic data handling and storage using their Tiling technology. Organizations in our industry are measured by efficiencies. When dealing with large volumes of data, fast turnaround times for every step of the process are crucial for success."

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms commented, "Gene by Gene is one of the most dominant genomics related service and research companies globally. We are proud to be at the forefront of providing enabling solutions to support their overall business development."

About BC Platforms 

BC Platforms is a world leader in providing powerful genomic data management and analysis solutions. Our high performing genomic data management platform enables flexible data integration, secure analysis and interpretation of molecular and clinical information. The company has launched and opened a global network of biobanks, known as BCRQUEST.COM, to provide genomic and clinical cohort data for pharmaceutical and medical research and development. BC Platforms' vision is to build the world's leading analytics platform for healthcare and industry by 2020, providing access to diverse genomic and clinical data and samples from more than 5 million subjects consolidated from a global network of biobanks.

Founded in 1997 from an MIT Whitehead project spinoff, the Company has a strong scientific heritage underpinned by 20 years of working in close collaboration with a network of leading researchers, developers, manufacturers and vendors. BC Platforms has global operations with its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, research and development in Helsinki, Finland, and sales and marketing in London, Boston, and Vancouver. For more information, please visit [ ] or follow us on Twitter @BCPlatforms.

About Gene By Gene

Gene By Gene, LTD., a genetic genealogy company, provides DNA testing services to consumer and institutional customers in the United States and internationally. The company focuses on ancestry, health, research, and paternity. It develops consumer DNA testing products for ancestry and genealogy applications. The company offers male line testing, female line testing, family finder, combined testing, ancestral testing, and specialty testing services; and forensic, maternity, grandparent, siblingship tests, twin zygosity, reconstruction, immigration, DNA profile, and mtDNA relationship testing services. It offers DNA testing to identify genetic disorders and susceptibility to inherited diseases and other characteristics. Gene By Gene, LTD. was founded in 2000 and is based in Houston, Texas.


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