Nucleix Announces its Bladder EpiCheck(TM) Availability on the QIAGEN Rotor-Gene Q Platform

Nucleix Announces its Bladder EpiCheck(TM) Availability on the QIAGEN Rotor-Gene Q Platform

Significantly extending the commercial potential reach for Bladder EpiCheck

REHOVOT, Israel, Mar 14(,) 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Nucleix, an innovative cancer detection and screening company, announced today the compatibility of its Bladder EpiCheck with the Rotor-Gene Q real-time PCR platform commercialized by QIAGEN N.V. Rotor-Gene Q is widely available in markets around the world, in particular in Europe, and it is one of the most widely placed PCR instruments in the target customer segments of pathology and molecular diagnostics. The addition of the Rotor-Gene Q platform widens the available market for Bladder EpiCheck.

"We are committed to providing our superior cancer detection solutions to as many patients as possible around the world" commented Dr. Opher Shapira, CEO of Nucleix, "Now, we have made it easier to more laboratories to offer our superior assays. The wide spread of the Rotor-Gene platform has already paid off with several evaluations in the EU"

About Nucleix - Nucleix Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets innovative non-invasive molecular cancer diagnostic tests. Its highly sensitive and specific tests are based on identification of subtle changes in methylation patterns. Nucleix technology is based on a combination of a new biochemical assay in conjunction with sophisticated algorithms.

The first Nucleix product, Bladder EpiCheck, is a urine test for monitoring of patients for the recurrence of bladder cancer, and includes a panel of 15 proprietary biomarkers that are multiplexed in a real-time PCR analysis. Bladder EpiCheck was evaluated by Europe's leading urology centers, with superior results.

Nucleix pipeline includes a screening diagnostic blood test for early lung cancer detection, using its proprietary and highly innovative epigenetic science

Nucleix is backed OrbiMed and other leading investors.

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