Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Explains the Importance of Having a "Behind the Scenes" Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Company, fishbat, Explains the Importance of Having a "Behind the Scenes" Marketing Strategy

NEW YORK, June 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Internet marketing company, fishbat, explains why there's value in employing a "behind the scenes" marketing strategy for your business.

"Behind the scenes" marketing, or BTS marketing, is all about giving the customer a glimpse into the inner workings of your company. Marketers say that people react to people not brands, and in BTS marketing, that statement couldn't be more true.

BTS content includes videos that show your staff talking about how your products are made, for example, or blog posts about employees of the month. BTS marketing might also include live video streams of important company meetings or company tours for the public.

Basically, BTS marketing is about connecting the people in your target audience to the people in your company, and here's why that's important:

BTS marketing humanizes your brand. Want to let your consumers know that your company isn't a soul-crushing place where humanity goes to die? Use BTS marketing and give consumers the first-hand glimpse they need for them to know that your company is all about compassion, social giving, and fun.

BTS marketing gives you personality. Everyone gravitates toward the people-person. BTS content can be used to show consumers that your brand has a sense of humor. Younger consumers like to know that brands don't take themselves too seriously.

BTS showcases your company values. Believe it's important to be a team player? Value diversity? Use a BTS marketing strategy to show consumers how your brand lives according to its values on a day-to-day basis.

BTS marketing makes it easier for brands to develop relationships with their consumers. It also makes it easier to build trust, and that's incredibly important. Brands that build strong relationships with their audience based on trust are well positioned to provide their audience with what they need.


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