Threat Sketch Releases a Guide to Surviving Rouge IT Employees

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., July 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Threat Sketch announces the release of its latest cybersecurity guide, Malicious IT Employee: A Survival Guide. This new white paper addresses the worst possible type of internal cyber attack. IT employees and system administrators hold the keys to the entire kingdom, with full knowledge of passwords, storage systems and back-up plans. In the event one of these employees becomes disgruntled for any reason, the damage they can inflict could be extremely costly to a company, both financially and to the reputation and brand. The threat is as big as any outside hacker, if not more so.

This guide provides information on how to recognize a potential threat and lays out just how much is at stake from an internal attack. It also provides detailed information on the steps to take in the event of an attack from a malicious employee, including what to do immediately as far as shutting down access to passwords and databases, as well as how to handle things from a public relations perspective.

"At Threat Sketch, our goal is to educate business owners and executives on the threats of cyber attack and how to prevent and prepare for them," said Rob Arnold, founder and CEO of Threat Sketch. "This guide is our latest effort in providing quality cybersecurity education. While most IT employees are trustworthy even when work tensions are high, I have consulted with clients in this situation enough that it warranted writing a guide to help those facing this nightmare scenario."

Malicious IT Employee: A Survival Guide is available to download for free on the Threat Sketch website.

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