PepVax Releases a "Trojan Horse" Drug Delivery Platform

BETHESDA, Md., Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PepVax, Inc., an early-stage biotechnology company, announced today the launch of its novel SMARTmid(TM) platform for drug delivery of nucleic acid and amino acid-based drugs and cell therapies in pre-clinical development. With manufacturing and delivery of immunotherapies, cell therapies, and gene therapies getting increasingly complicated and expensive at scale-up, the SMARTmid(TM) platform offers a unique solution with our "Trojan Horse" approach to use the patient's own cells to manufacture the required proteins, T-cells and nucleic acids in vivo for cancers, infectious and genetic diseases.

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The Perfect Solution for Researchers and Early-Stage Biotechnology Companies

Our SMARTmid(TM) vector design is our fully synthetic method for producing plasmid vector particles for mammalian cell transduction and is a powerful template in which to build a drug delivery and immuno-adjuvant platform. DNA-based delivery can directly enhance expression levels and enable easy manufacturing of protein-, DNA- and RNA-based treatments in vivo. Moreover, SMARTmid(TM) can be used as an immuno-adjuvant to enhance already developed drugs to work more effectively in patients requiring a strong immune response, like checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T treatments. SMARTmid(TM) can also be used as a diagnostic tool for certain cancers and infectious diseases.

Efficiency and Simplicity That Just Works

"Delivering drugs has always been a challenge for drug developers," said Mahesh Narayanan, CEO of PepVax. "Researchers and research companies looking to deliver their biologics intramuscularly or intravenously can use our SMARTmid(TM) platform to produce their drugs inside the patient or deliver it without worrying about degeneration or decreased potency."

Focused on Continued Innovation

PepVax is looking to license SMARTmid(TM) to established biopharmaceutical companies that are looking for efficient drug delivery in patients as well as developing novel cancer and infectious disease therapeutics. The Company is also looking to enter into research agreements with academia.

About PepVax, Inc.

PepVax, Inc. was founded in 2013 to develop a DNA-based drug delivery and development platform. The Company, is located in the Washington, DC and Philadelphia regions has developed a DNA plasmid delivery system that takes a simplified method to delivery and a "Trojan Horse" approach to drug production inside patients. The nucleic and amino acid drug market is expected to grow to $248 billion by 2020 to include siRNA delivery, vaccines, and antisense technologies as well as protein therapeutics. Learn more at

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