Introducing FINDAR® - Ground Penetrating Radar for Forensic Investigations

TORONTO, Aug. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Sensors & Software is pleased to announce an exciting update to FINDAR®, the ground penetrating radar (GPR) created specifically for law enforcement to aid in the search for buried forensic evidence. FINDAR® can locate clandestine graves, drugs or money buried in metal or plastic containers and buried weapons.

Sensors & Software has incorporated customer feedback into this upgraded FINDAR system. The key features are:

Improved Ease of use:

    --  Minimal system setup enables data collection to start immediately upon
        arrival at the investigation site.
    --  The intuitive user interface guides investigators through a systematic
        grid search, even around obstacles.
    --  Ultra-light cart for easy transport to and navigation at the
        investigation site.
    --  Data and screenshots are saved to a single Project file for easy

In-field results:

    --  3D images are generated on-site in seconds, pinpointing position & depth
        of potential evidence
    --  Real-time interpretations can be added and viewed in Map View to
        identify areas of interest for immediate excavation
    --  Share findings with the investigation team instantly by emailing
        screenshots directly from the site

Geo-referenced data:

    --  Built in GPS automatically geo-references grids & screen shots for
        future reference and archiving
    --  Optional external GPS - survey paths, grids and identified targets are
        displayed in a plan map view
    --  Automatically exports KMZ file to seamlessly view survey path,
        screenshot images and interpretations in Google Earth(TM).
    --  Create depth slices of large areas quickly without setting up multiple
        grids by using an accurate GPS and EKKO_Project(TM) software

The new FINDAR brings a new level of functionality and efficiency to forensic investigations.

To learn more about FINDAR(®), visit FINDAR(®)

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