IsoPlexis Announces Expansion into Asia Pacific

BRANFORD, Conn., Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- IsoPlexis Corporation (IsoPlexis), a privately held life sciences company at the forefront of single-cell analytics technology, announced today an exclusive agreement with Tekon Biotech, a leading instrumentation distributor, to distribute IsoPlexis' products in China. Tekon Biotech's first conference featuring IsoPlexis's systems will be held at Purple Mountain Hotel, Pudong, on September 20(th), 2018 in Shanghai.

IsoPlexis's IsoCode & IsoLight system have received numerous awards, recognized as both The Scientist's and Fierce Life Science's #1 innovation of 2017 for the ability to provide both single-cell sensitivity and highly multiplexed and quantitative functional ELISA detection together for the first time. IsoPlexis' IsoLight was also awarded the global Red Dot Design Award in 2018 for its ease of use. These systems will now be available to customers, through its exclusive partner Tekon Biotech, in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

IsoPlexis has published data over the past three years with a variety of leading US CAR-T and Cell Therapy biopharmas and academic institutions, most recently in the journal "Blood", where IsoPlexis' IsoCode technology predicted whether non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients would respond to CAR-T therapy, directly from the pre-infusion Cell Product. Other pre-infusion metrics from existing technologies tested in this study were not predictive.

"We are very excited to partner with Tekon Biotech, a world class distributor of life science systems and technology in China," said IsoPlexis Chief Executive Officer, Sean Mackay. "We see significant demand for our unique single-cell platform from leading Chinese pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories, and academic institutions. We are confident this partnership will help accelerate research in the fast emerging CAR-T therapy area in China, as we continue to extend our single-cell leadership into new markets."

"China has emerged as a world leader in CAR-T cell therapies. Fueled by Chinese biotech investment ($10bn in 2017) and government programs such as 'one three five' development plan and 'Made in China 2025', CAR-T clinical trials have grown significantly in China in the last few years," said Tekon Biotech CEO, David Hadfield. "As we continue to build on Tekon's leadership position in solutions for cell biology into cell therapy and precision medicine, one company repeatedly came up in discussions with leading researchers, IsoPlexis. Now we are very pleased to be partnering to bring IsoPlexis' unique single-cell solutions to benefit researchers in precision medicine across Greater China."

Dr. David Ho, chief executive officer of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center and IsoPlexis Scientific Advisory Board member, said, "Biopharma research and development in China is accelerating at a rapid pace, and IsoPlexis' IsoLight system is well positioned to address a critical need in the fast growing field of CAR-T and other cellular immunotherapies."

Dr. Rong Fan, Yale professor and Chair of IsoPlexis' Scientific Advisory Board, said, "IsoPlexis' IsoCode Chip has demonstrated an improved ability to predict responses of CAR-T patients, from the pre therapy cell product with global leaders in CAR-T. IsoPlexis' IsoLight will benefit our pharma and translational partners internationally by providing a powerful, yet straightforward solution for establishing immune response functional correlates in the fast moving immunotherapy and cell therapy ecosystem in China."

Dr. Jim Heath, President of leading precision medicine institution, the Institute for Systems Biology, and Scientific Advisory Board member of IsoPlexis said, "The IsoCode Chip will continue to uncover solutions to key challenges not only in CAR-T and cell therapy, but in novel areas of precision medicine as well. IsoPlexis' systems will play an important role in profiling immune response in the quickly accelerating Chinese immunology and oncology R&D area."


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Data-driven and highly-targeted immunotherapies are the future of the fight against cancer. IsoPlexis, a privately held life sciences company, develops novel end-to-end solutions that are accelerating the revolution in immune and cell-based treatments of cancer. The IsoLight, a next-generation analytics platform, profiles responses at the single cell level enabling researchers to generate a precise functional patient signature to help predict and understand complex patient response to cancer immunotherapies. IsoPlexis has partnered with leading biopharmaceutical companies and trial centers to generate real-world data to advance high-need areas of cell product characterization, immune biomarker discovery, and patient monitoring.

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