IsoPlexis Adds Partnership to Advance COVID-19 Vaccine Development

BRANFORD, Conn., Aug. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --?IsoPlexis, the leader in single-cell functional proteomics, today announced a partnership with the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine at Columbia University, IsoPlexis' Single-Cell Secretome immune profiling solutions will be used to study cellular drivers of durable and protective immune response to COVID-19.

T cell and other immune cell polyfunctional cytokine responses on IsoPlexis' platform have previously shown to be predictive of a variety of responses in human and mice studies throughout cancer immunology and infectious disease. Additionally, Dr. Moriya Tsuji, Professor of Medicine at Columbia University, has published vaccine studies identifying protective immune response in malaria and in oncology, using IsoPlexis' single-cell functional proteomics platform. The overall goal is to continue to detect and discover critical components in the overall cellular response to COVID-19, which can then be used to speed much needed therapies.

"We are looking forward to our partnership with Columbia University in the fight against COVID-19," said IsoPlexis Chief Executive Officer,?Sean Mackay. "This work will provide critical functional insights into the mechanisms of protective and durable immune response to COVID-19, especially with regards to the activity of T cells."

IsoPlexis ( is dedicated to accelerating the fight against cancer and a range of the world's toughest diseases with its uniquely correlative, award-winning, single-cell proteomics systems. By revealing unique immune biomarkers in small subsets of cells, we are advancing immunotherapies and targeted therapies to a more highly precise and personalized stage. Our integrated systems, named #1 innovation by the Scientist Magazine and Fierce, are used globally to advance the field of immune biology and biomarkers as we generate solutions to overcome the challenges of complex diseases.

Jon Chen
VP of Marketing

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