IsoPlexis Announces "Single-Cell Proteomics Grant Challenge: COVID-19"

BRANFORD, Conn., Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- IsoPlexis, the leader in single-cell proteomics, today announced their Single-Cell Proteomics COVID-19 Grant Challenge, where researchers are invited to share next generation insights using single-cell functional proteomics for the opportunity to win 12 IsoCode or CodePlex chips for a project run on the IsoLight system. Through this grant challenge, researchers can utilize IsoPlexis' unique single-cell proteomics to help resolve the underlying functional mechanisms of COVID-19 to help accelerate the development of novel therapies and vaccines.

Applicants should submit an abstract up to 500 words, between August 25, 2020 and September 30, 2020, proposing a project using the IsoLight platform and the Single-Cell Secretome or CodePlex Secretome solutions. A challenge committee will review the proposals and select winners based on research novelty and innovation. Experiments must be completed by November 30, 2020.

IsoPlexis' system has become the new standard for functional cytokine immune profiling at the single-cell level and has provided researchers with:

    --  Direct function from individual cells to demonstrate what is driving a
        cell to cause inflammation or promote durable and protective immunity
    --  Functional Proteomics that can be applied to solving critical challenges
        in various research areas, including infectious diseases and COVID-19
    --  The ability to speed the development of vaccine and antiviral therapies
        for infectious diseases, such as COVID-19

Two winners will be selected and awarded 12 chips each, along with advanced analysis support and experimental design consultation from IsoPlexis.

Visit or contact to learn more and to submit an abstract.

IsoPlexis ( is dedicated to accelerating the fight against cancer and a range of the world's toughest diseases with its uniquely correlative, award-winning, single-cell proteomics systems. By revealing unique immune biomarkers in small subsets of cells, we are advancing immunotherapies and targeted therapies to a more highly precise and personalized stage. Our integrated systems, named #1 innovation by the Scientist Magazine and Fierce, are used globally to advance the field of immune biology and biomarkers as we generate solutions to overcome the challenges of complex diseases.

Jon Chen
VP of Marketing

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