FCC Votes Wednesday To Force 5G Cell Transmitters In Front of Homes Despite Community Opposition and Health Dangers; California Brain Tumor Association Reports

WASHINGTON, Sept. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Accelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers To Infrastructure Investment Order will be voted on Wednesday by FCC denying citizens and local government the right to stop 5G cell tower transmitters in front of their homes.

Despite widespread opposition to the roll out of 5G cell tower transmitters by residences, communities and local governments (National League of Cities Oppose, National Resource Defense Council opposes), FCC vote will override local measures to stop 5G cell transmitters in their communities.

More than 230 medical doctors and scientists from 40 countries expert in wireless radiation health effects have signed a formal appeal demanding a moratorium on the roll out of 5G due to the fact that wireless radiation "RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment" see www.5Gappeal.eu. Yet the FCC will be voting for an order that circumvents the consideration of environmental and health effects on a local level.

5G technology will emit millimeter wave radiation. The Army has reviewed 350 millimeter wave studies and cited nonthermal biological effects not protected by our current thermally based FCC guidelines-see www.5Ginformation.net for a copy of this report as well as other studies showing neurological and cancerous effects from current cell towers-see evidence of harm section. The military currently uses millimeter wave technology in its Active Denial System, a crowd control weapon.

FCC and FDA do not premarket Safety Test any wireless device or cell tower transmitter before testing them on the public. FCC and FDA do not post-market survey wireless devices or sell power transmitters for cancers or neurological health defects. They rely on an outdated human exposure standard that only takes into account thermal heating or burning. Currently individuals are already Microwave Sick from wireless radiation exposure-see Webster's Dictionary definition Microwave Sickness.

CA Brain Tumor Association joins health and environmental groups nationwide in asking the FCC to delay or end its insistence on passing the Accelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers To Infrastructure Investment Order WT Docket #NO. 17-79; WC Docket NO. 17-84 which will be harmful to the health of communities and disrespectfully dismisses the input of local communities and governments nationwide.

Please Contact Kevin Mottus Outreach Director CA Brain Tumor Association for more information at Kevin.calibta@gmail.com.

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