Relevnt(TM) Launches Integral New Feature for Local Content Called "Around You"

PONTE VEDRA, Fla., Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Relevnt, a location-based mobile network tailored to consumers' personal interests, has launched an exciting new feature, Around You. This new portal allows users to discover and connect with local culture around them wherever they go: fan and enthusiast communities, trusted news and lifestyle publishers, and independent voices. Powered by topical live chatrooms, Relevnt's Around You experience allows users and content creators to connect and communicate with one another in more relevant ways than ever done before.

Like other networks such as Yelp, Nextdoor, and Google Maps, Relevnt's innovative Around You function is the ultimate location-based tool for discovering and connecting with local culture wherever you go. Searchable by interest-driven category groups and content types such as bloggers, podcasters, visual storytellers, and more, Relevnt makes it easier than ever for consumers to stay informed, gain knowledge, and tap into the real-time heartbeat of what's going on around them.

"Relevnt serves the large, unmet need to connect people around location-based, interest-driven communities which can energize local media advertising economies across the globe," says Winder Hughes, Relevnt Founder and CEO. Hughes continues, "While the domestic local media advertising market is pegged at $150 billion annually, we believe that the market is grossly underserved and that our platform will actually expand the market."

Relevnt provides a unified, mobile first network that aggregates high-value local audiences around an interconnected local network of interest-driven Registered Communities, each with their own live chatrooms. This hyper-local network offers established media brands, local content creators, and entrepreneurs an all-new channel for audience expansion, engagement and monetization. As a result, just how traditional media companies own location-based media franchises in local markets, Relevnt's Registered Community owners can now instantly launch and rapidly scale ownership-centric, location-based mobile media communities and live chatrooms around the world, all at very low cost.

About Relevnt
Established in 2016 and headquartered in Ponte Vedra, Florida, Relevnt(TM) is a location-based mobile network personalized by your interests, uniquely powered by topical live chatrooms. We bring local consumers and local content creators together in mobile communities anywhere in the world. To get relevant today, download "Relevnt"
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SOURCE Relevnt, Inc.