Smart Planner, Organicer, Makes Crowdfunding Debut in an Effort to Seamlessly Combine Written and Digital Notes

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- While putting pen to paper may always be appealing, consumers can't deny that growing digitalization is incredibly handy. The Organicer planner and app are here to help serve as a bridge between written and digital notes. The Organicer team is now collecting funds on Kickstarter in an effort to bring their artsy, colorful, and innovative new planner to fruition.

Organicer includes a yearly overview section, which aids in orienting tasks through weekdays and weekends. Organicer's monthly overview section offers space to break down important tasks into each day and provide a transparent timetable for the month. The planner also contains a daily schedule section for organizing appointments and daily actions, plus a habit tracker, goals list, and 365-day checklist space complete with QR codes for easy digital transfer. Organicer's habit tracker tool allows users to follow and track their routines, giving them an orderly overview of how their habits are improving daily.

Consumers can simply write down their schedule in the Organicer planner and use the Organicer app to snap a photo of their notes and the QR code, which will immediately transfer appointments, notes, and tasks to a phone and set reminders for the user.

"As a full-time student, it was imperative to have a planner in order to organize all my tasks and responsibilities," explained Co-creator Ines Mulec. "As an IT guy, my partner David Sovec's desk was always covered in notes and piles of unorganized papers, but his meetings were always scheduled and well-organized on his phone. We both looked at our needs and realized developing a smart planner would make our lives considerably easier and more productive. We combined my growing designing skills and David's IT knowledge, and the idea of Organicer was born. We first focused on creating a functional planner with a good look and second on fulfilling our planner with an awesome app to keep your data handy even on the go."

Analog meets digital with Organicer, made with over 300 pages with FSC certificate. Now collecting pre-orders on Kickstarter, consumers can begin to take control of their busy schedules for just $35. Visit the campaign page at pr.go2fund/organicer.

About Organicer

Organicer is a planner with a greater value. Whether the company is busy bringing sustainable energy to villages, protecting the environment in a developing world or providing a functional planner to busy individuals, Organicer is built of a team of individuals committed to leaving the world a better place than they found it. At the conclusion of a successful Kickstarter campaign, every Organicer sold through the company's website will result in a donation to Barefoot College, a leading charity focused on establishing educational programs in rural areas in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. To learn more about Organicer, visit

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