Former Red Bull UK CEO Launches Detox Drink Called Sober Up® to Promote Liver Health and Help Prevent Hangovers

HOUSTON, Oct. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Former Red Bull UK CEO Harry Drnec is launching a detox drink called Sober Up® to help reduce the toxic effects of alcohol, boost mental clarity and help prevent hangovers.

Drnec has had an illustrious career in the alcohol and beverage industry over the past 40 years with brands like Gallo Wines, Budweiser and Red Bull. At Budweiser, Drnec led a team that launched one of the best-known and best-selling beers in the world, Bud Light, and then went on to launch Budweiser across Europe. As CEO of Red Bull UK, Drnec helped transform the brand, which went from selling 3 million cans to over 3 billion cans in just 12 years under his direction.

"For the first time in my career, I am working on a new product that was created to help people," says Drnec. "The naturally sourced ingredients in Sober Up® don't just treat the symptoms of a hangover, they actually treat the cause of a hangover, which is too much alcohol in your system for too long."

Drnec is launching Sober Up® through an Indiegogo campaign in the effort to connect with people who share the same vision to live a healthier lifestyle while enjoying alcohol. Backers will be able to receive the new product immediately at a discounted price and communicate directly with him. Drnec explains, "I want to hear from all our Indiegogo backers, because what I learn from them will be the key to our success."

With the funds raised though the Indiegogo campaign, Drnec will be able to scale up production and start online and retail sales for Sober Up®, as well as begin production of Sober Up® with CBD. "We have seen more and more evidence of the health benefits that come from CDB in medical studies. In fact, new research has shown CBD to be effective for addictive behavior. It would be a natural fit with Sober Up®," Drnec says.

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