Dance Music Startup Embraces Sober Curious Trend

DENVER, April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Secret Dance Addiction, a music startup from Colorado, is leading the movement on sustainable partying for the sober curious. Turns out, health and dance music go hand in hand.

The startup showcases meditations and spirit-free drinks, all while crushing live DJ sets and dance videos in popular styles seen at EDM festivals.

Secret Dance Addiction (SDA) is a community of music lovers who choose to put health and mindfulness first. SDA provides a community and support to those who are interested in sustainable partying. The community's purpose is to create a sacred space for anyone who seeks empowerment and clarity from a sober lifestyle.

"Through mindfulness, music, and dance, we can reroute our energy from body-draining intoxicants into self-empowering experiences," says Mike Handby, co-founder.

SDA is so much more than a fad driven by sobriety, current live streaming trends, and EDM drug overdose stories. Millennials and 21+ Generation Zs are drinking much less, but don't want to miss out. They want to experience dance music culture in a healthier way. Secret Dance Addiction is taking the mindfulness movement to the dance music scene, focusing on health-conscious, empowering experiences, both on and off the dance floor.

About Secret Dance Addiction:

Secret Dance Addiction is the new era of dance party and social platform, designed to free your mind and fuel your soul. 100% free from bad vibes and hangovers, SDA hosts health-conscious, multigenerational dance parties around the world. No intoxicants needed.

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