Removable Pool Fence Manufacturer, LOOP-LOC, Discusses the Pros and Cons of Opening Your Pool Early

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., March 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Spring is coming up fast and pool owners may be wondering - when is the right time to open your pool? The general rule of thumb is that you can open anytime between March and May, but that window does span a few months. Removable pool fence manufacturer, LOOP-LOC, discusses the pros and cons of opening your pool early.

Let's begin with the pros of opening your pool early this season:

    1. The most obvious pro is that you'll be lengthening the pool season so you
       can use your pool for longer. If you're looking to get the most out of
       your pool season, opening early may be the right move for you.
    2. The longer you wait to open your pool, the less potent any winterizing
       chemicals you added will be. By opening early, you're more likely to see
       clearer water when you take off your cover. Warm water is a prime spot
       for bacteria and algae to grow. Opening early can alleviate some of the
       time spent on re-balancing pool chemicals so your water is safe to swim
    3. Don't wait until the warm weather sets in to start thinking about opening
       your pool. Opening early can help you plan and accommodate your schedule
       accordingly. The springtime can be very busy for pool owners and checking
       this off your list right in the beginning can provide a big relief.

With the pros, come some cons to consider as well:

    1. Lengthening the pool season also equates to increased maintenance costs.
       Since your pool will be open longer, it's likely to cause an increase in
       electricity and chemical usage.
    2. In the early spring season, pollen can be a pest for your pool.
       Sometimes, you'll wake up to a thin film of pollen right across the
       water. However, daily straining can alleviate this issue.
    3. Depending on your region, inconsistent weather can be a problem in early
       spring. It can be snowy, rainy, and sunny all within a couple months
       span. You'll need to keep a close eye on your water level and chemicals
       if this is common where you live.

When determining when the optimal time to open your pool is this season, you can refer to the reasons above to weigh out the pros and cons. Whether you decide to wait it out or get a head start this season, make sure you enjoy your pool as much as possible this season!

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