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Eidsvoll Electronics A.S. (EIDEL), has specialized in remote capabilities like the Remote Crypto Distribution System (RCDS) as well as the remote radio ground-air-ground control system SISAM. In addition, the Company has developed advanced telemetry products of space applications, flight testing and missile data connection. EIDEL expertise and knowledge is built on 40 years of design experience.

EIDEL provides standard products as well as custom designs. A key element is combining customer requirements with state-of-the-art technology into high quality products. The target groups of the company's products are the defence-, automotive-, aviation-, and the space industries. The company is operating on the international market.


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John-Ivar Christensen
+47 92 28 1022
Marketing Manager

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Tore Havstein
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Managing Director


EIDEL provides system engineering with standard products as well as custom designs. The foundation of EIDEL’s expertise is combining customer requirements with state-of-the-art technology into high quality products and systems.  Eidel has contact with leading manufacturers to create high quality systems that includes sensors, cables, enclosures,  electronics, transmitters, antennas and other equipment. Eidel equipment can either be a larger part or smaller part of a system, depending on the system requirements.

EIDEL is focused on electronics hardware and software design for worldwide aerospace and military customers. State of the art design tools and components are used.


EIDEL handle projects on module, system, hardware and software level. The projects range from consept definition and development to production and delivery of operational units.


The Remote Crypto Distribution System (RCDS®) offers the ability to perform the management of the CVs to multiple remote sites from a central or mobile manned installation, by making use of the in-country Digital Data Network (DDN). The RCDS® provides the capability to remotely load crypto to multiple remote locations from a central site, obviating the need for manual crypto fill resulting in significant savings on man-power and related costs.

The RCDS® consists of a computer based Master Crypto Management (MCM) system which is operating system independent and normally runs on a laptop. In its basic configuration, two small rugged boxes are required; one designated as the Master Crypto Unit (MCU) which is normally co-located with the MCM and one designated as the Slave Crypto Unit (SCU), which is normally located at the remote site. The MCU and SCU are connected by an IP secure VPN, i.e. in-country Digital Data Network (DDN).

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The purpose of the Radio Control System (RCS) is to provide voice communication using remotely controlled radio equipment. This allows the radio operator and the radio equipment to be placed in different geographical locations. The voice link can be made resistant against jamming, and supports both plain and encrypted speech.

The system is fully operational in Norway and in the Baltic countries. Distributed Data Acquisition System (EDDAS) The EIDEL Distributed Data Acquisition System (EDDAS) is a cutting edge, complete data acquisition system. It is designed to be highly modular and flexible, covering a wide area of user applications ranging from basic encoder tasks to some of the most demanding data acquisition challenges.

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EIDEL's standard telemetry products include PCM Encoders, PCM Decoders and Solid State Recorders. Complementary units and interfaces are often made on custom basis.

The EIDEL Telemetry Systems are based on 35 years of experience at EIDEL. PCM Encoders are data collection systems for sensor or analog and digital signal sources. The sensor output may be voltage, current, resistance, charge or frequency.

The PCM decoder synchronise to a serial data stream coming from an encoder, online, via radio, from a recorder or from a data file stored by the decoder. The received datastream is decoded and the individual sensor signals are extracted for visualisation.

The EIDEL decoders are PC based. They follow the common IRIG 106 and similar international standards. The EE235 Solid State Recorder System SSR is used for real time storage of digital data. The SSR functions like a tape recorder. A typical application is recording of PCM Encoder / Telemetry data at bitrates up to 20 Mbps. The data is stored in FLASH Memory Modules with a total maximum memory of 8192 MByte. At 1 MHz bitrate input, the SSR with 2048 MByte memory can store 4.6 hours of data.


The EE360 was developed for UAV control. It can also be used a ground system with the possibility to connect through a USB 2.0 port. The system has implemented the IRIG106-01 PCM standard class I, it can also include a bitsynchroniser.

The bitsynchroniser can also be offered as a stand alone solution. The EE360 system offers a new and user friendly Windows user interface for setup and control.


The EE350 Telemetry Decoder System covers the IRIG 106-01 PCM standard class I-II and Arinc 573. Asynchronous embedded packets decoding is included. The EE350 system consists of plug-in boards for the common PC 32 bit PCI bus and Windows System Software.

All functions from the raw bitstream to presentation, data storage and analysis are covered. Signals are scaled to physical parameter, including math formula, calibration table and combination of masked words. Storage of microseconds time tagged PCM data to disk are controlled by time, limit check or external event. Pretrigger, multiple sequence and endless loop recording are included.

Eidel flight test system (EFTS)

The Eidel Flight Test System (EFTS) is a cutting edge, complete data acquisition system. It is designed to be highly modular and flexible, covering a wide area of user applications ranging from basic encoder tasks to some of the most demanding data acquisition challenges.


EFTS comprises an Airborne System Architecture and correspondingly Ground Based System Architecture.

Artemis Diagnostic Package

This project was managed by ESTEC, the European space, research and technology centre of ESA. EIDEL had the main contractor responsibility for developing a system to evaluate solar cells contamination versus ion propulsion for future satellite applications in general the Artemis satellite in particular.


The project is divided in two:

  • A feasibility study was focused relevant phenomenas and how they could be measured. How to measure liquid level in weightless tanks was a separate task.
  • A diagnostic instrument including sensors were designed to measure possible effects from the ion propulsion engines on the spacecraft itself and optical systems onboard. The instrument was manufactured and qualified for flight.

Eidsvoll Electronics A.S. (EIDEL)

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