LOOP-LOC, Supplier of Safety Pool Covers, Shares 4 Ways to Keep Children Safe Around Your Pool

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., March 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- If children are frequent visitors in your backyard, you know how important it is to establish safety precautions and rules for the pool area. Some of the most common safety risks include lack of swimming skills, lack of barriers, and unsupervised time in the water. LOOP-LOC, supplier of safety pool covers, shares 4 ways to keep children safe around your pool.

    1. Adult supervision should be required any time a child is using the pool
       or in the pool area. Proper supervision is the most important thing when
       it comes to children's safety in the water. Supervisors should be sitting
       close to the pool and have their full attention on the children in the
       water. Texting, reading, watching a show, etc. should be avoided when
       supervising. If there are other adults around, you can rotate supervision
       shifts. Adults should also be familiar with basic rescue and CPR
       techniques so they are able to act if an emergency occurs.

    2. Provide additional layers of protection. While there is no substitute for
       adult supervision, removable mesh pool fencing can be a convenient and
       cost effective way to add an additional layer of protection to your
       backyard and pool area during the swimming season. When you're ready to
       close the pool for the offseason, a safety pool cover is a viable option
       to keep that layer of protection present all year.

    3. Have safety equipment accessible at all times. Emergencies happen at a
       moment's notice and having the proper rescue equipment accessible can
       make a huge difference when every second matters. Remember that you
       should use legitimate safety devices, not pool noodles, boogie boards,
       etc. It's recommended that kids wear life jackets in and around the pool,
       even if they know how to swim. This is particularly important for those
       who are weaker swimmers.
    4. Put away pool toys when not in use. Not only is a cluttered pool area a
       tripping hazard, it also will make it difficult to move quickly in an
       emergency. Colorful and fun pool toys can also tempt children into the
       pool area when an adult isn't present.

Once the warm weather rolls around, it's common for the pool to become the center of family fun. Since children don't often understand the dangers of a pool, it's important as a pool owner that you take the responsibility of keeping children safe around your pool.

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