Slovenia Gets A New Glued Laminated Wood Production Facility to Help Reduce Its Imports

KO?EVJE, Slovenia, April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Enhancing competitiveness of Slovenian timber value chain, KOLES inaugurates its new Wood Processing unit in Ko?evje.

Tapping into the local skills heritage of Slovenia where the wood working industry has always thrived, the new wood processing unit by KOLES once fully operational will create 25+ Jobs in the region.

Initiated by Slavko Hr?enjak from HS IN?ENIRING and Uros Rak from VAKUUMTEH, the company KOLES will be a leading producer of glued laminated wood sourced mostly from the Ko?evje area. The launch of the new production facility comes 8 months after the government of Slovenia signed a contract on a 650,000 euro grant for an investment with the KOLES directors. The grant for Koles comes from regional development funds to help the area cope with a rather high unemployment rate.

Glued laminated Wood or Glulam, is a complete ecofriendly - engineered wood product that is widely used in commercial as well as residential projects due to its high strength and versatility. In their first phase, KOLES will be meeting the demand of glulam in Slovenia, which was previously importing glulam, however exporting raw wood. This will have a substantial effect on the construction industry within the country, as the prices may come down when the imports are reduced.

"We can make the best quality product, so why import something that can be made at home" says Uros Rak. He further added that the second stage of the operations would be to involve a CNC machine to manufacture a product batches intended entirely for export to other parts of Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America.

Both Hr?enjak and Rak said such products were in high demand abroad and in Slovenia, with Hr?enjak saying "buyers have already responded extremely well" to our plans. This will also help the economy while preserving the environment. The pair also said that they will be offering an exclusive 20% discount on orders to all customers local or foreign.

Additional derivatives of Glulam that Koles will be adding into its production are Glued Laminated Wood BSH, Glued Laminated Wood BSH Profiled, Structural Wood KVH and DUO, TRIO Laminated Wood to meet the requirements of building & construction companies, architect studio and roofing contractors globally.


Located in an industrial area of the city of Ko?evje with a 44.600 m2 of land, the company KOLES is a fully funded establishment that produces all the varieties of Glued Laminated Wood. Glued laminated Wood or Glulam at KOLES is produced to provide construction companies with eco-friendly material for positive impact on climate. KOLES has an environmental and eco-friendly ideology and it is geared to create opportunities for people and companies to benefit and grow. There are many usage applications of their products, a few notable mentions are segmentation of buildings, support systems in building such as sports complex, school buildings and bridges with complex and standardized architect design. KOLES is not merely restricted to providing solutions for structural designs and material for building multidimensional structural designs. It aspires to introduce a working system that uses less time but provides best quality material with eco-friendly services. KOLES is currently working to maintain a strong foothold worldwide by providing the high quality wood and timber material, that reflects reliability, trust and is long lasting.

Contact name:
Nejc Belusic
Ko?evje, Slovenia

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