Task and Ticket Management + Team Collaboration Comes Together As a Shared Inbox in Gmail

BOSTON, April 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Drag App, the popular personal productivity app within Gmail, today announced the launch of Drag 2.0: Team Edition. Drag 2.0 enables teams to collaborate directly in Gmail for joint project, tasks or support management across all business functions, including sales, marketing training and customer support. After extensive testing, and under the support of Techstars Boston, Drag 2.0 has exited its beta with over 150 paying business customers and is now generally available.

The small business economy powered by G Suite, now counting over 4 million users, faces a common business problem - the need to use multiple task and project management and collaboration tools with their teams on a wide range of daily activities such as incoming support emails, sales inquiries, customer support and other small-scale programs.

"Drag 2.0 aims to enable small business teams to act like big businesses supported by large IT teams and infrastructure yet without the hassle, onboarding and extensive training they need to achieve seamless team collaboration within and across business units", shares Eduarda Bardavid, CEO and co-founder of Drag. "It is rewarding to be able to launch our team addition with the help of the Techstars Boston ecosystems and mentors, who have made this journey infinitely more rewarding, agile and fast."

Building on its strong momentum with individual Gmail users, boasting over 100K downloads, 30K active users and 1.2K paying customers, Drag 2.0 took the lessons learned from its growing community and won the Google homepage featured product showcase twice globally. Drag is a Techstars-back company, Boston cohort 2019, where the team edition was conceived of and incubated in early 2019.

Drag was founded by MIT Sloan MBA student Eduarda Bardavid and Serial SaaS entrepreneur Nick Timms in 2017 when the two co-founders were trying to organize their flights and travel plans together remotely. "Whenever we booked flights or planned activities, we found all communication, both with third parties and each other, was done by email but it wasn't centrally managed and we didn't know how to best divvy up our to dos" explains Eduarda. "This insight led us to build Drag 1.0 for individual Gmail users. We loved the idea of one space to manage your daily workflow, emails and tasks from one single place".

Eduarda and Nick started Drag remotely - a two-person team, 4,000 miles away working to build their initial concept - Kanban and Trello for Gmail in one. Today the remote culture stands strong today with Drag teams across U.K, Brazil, U.S. and Japan.

To see Drag 2.0 in action, visit http://www.dragapp.com.

About the Founders:
Eduarda is a Brazilian engineer with a diverse background across Brazilian Army, management consulting across South America and Middle East and is currently studying for her MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management while founding and leading Drag.

Nick is an experienced SaaS Founder with current businesses based in the UK - currently 7-digit ARR ($). Companies include Whoisvisiting.com (SaaS) with over 1,000 paying companies, ReplyUp.com (SaaS) and BEAF (Innovation agency), showcased on Fox News.

SOURCE DragApp.com