PipelineRx Launches Patient Discharge Solution, Helping Reduce Readmissions and Improve Patient Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- PipelineRx, a leading medication management company powered by clinical pharmacy expertise and cloud technology, today announced that its newest solution for Patient Discharge is now available to hospitals across the United States and Canada. Combining pharmacist-specific workflow with its interoperable, cloud-based technology platform, the PipelineRx Patient Discharge solution is an innovative approach for onsite or remote pharmacists to manage patients across transitions of care from the hospital to the home or a long-term care facility.

Based on their clinical skillset and deep understanding of comprehensive medication management, pharmacists are the ideal providers to counsel patients on their medications before they leave the hospital. In fact, one study found a 52% reduction in readmissions when pharmacists were involved in the discharge process.((1)) Beyond helping hospitals reduce costly - and preventable - readmissions, hospitals saw a 10% increase in HCAHPS scores when pharmacists delivered medication education.((2))

CGH Medical Center uses the PipelineRx solution to focus on patients at high-risk for readmission. "This solution makes it easier for our pharmacists to deliver an effective patient discharge process," says Tim Dunphy, Director of Pharmacy at the 97-bed hospital in Sterling, Illinois. "The workflow is both intuitive and customizable for our organization, and ensures that all steps are documented in the system, even providing reminders for the pharmacists."

So far, pharmacists have counseled 650 patients over the past eight months, and have identified medication interventions in nearly half of all discharges. "Our patients and their caregivers leave the hospital better informed about their new medication regimen," says Philip Joines, Director of Quality and Patient Safety at CGH. "They love the user-friendly med card and appreciate the follow-up call to address any side effects or dosing questions. We are tracking readmission rates and HCAHPS scores and are confident this program will have a significant impact on both."

"As a company jointly powered by our technology platform and clinical expertise, we are always looking to provide measurable value to our clients," said Brian Roberts, CEO of PipelineRx. "We recognize that preventable readmissions represent a huge financial and clinical uncertainty to hospitals today and medication adherence is a large component of that, which is why we're tackling this issue head-on."

The PipelineRx solution goes beyond workflow to deliver a comprehensive program leveraging cutting-edge technologies and advanced services, with valuable features coming, including:

    --  Medication Delivery Assurance - Real-time prescription benefits checking
        with meds-to-beds, pick-up, or home delivery options to ensure patients
        have access to needed medications. Provides pharmacists with alerts when
        prescriptions aren't filled.
    --  Predictive Analytics - An AI-driven platform that utilizes several
        criteria to predict readmission risk, and learns over time based on
        common risk variables. Can also help identify opportunities for direct
        patient interventions, including the possibility for opioid abuse.
    --  Precision Prescribing - Clinical decision support for polypharmacy drug
        interaction and pharmacogenomics review to help avoid adverse drug
        events and deliver maximum clinical impact.

"For 10 years, PipelineRx has led the telepharmacy industry, beginning as a service then expanding into an advanced medication management technology platform. This solution propels medication optimization to the next level. We're very excited for the possibilities it represents," concludes Roberts.

About PipelineRx

PipelineRx is a leader in comprehensive medication management solutions designed to advance pharmacy towards more outcomes-focused patient care. More than 500 facilities in the U.S. and Canada depend on PipelineRx each day to process more than 20 million medication orders annually. Combining the interoperable, cloud-based platform, PowerGridRx(TM), with expert clinical pharmacy solutions, PipelineRx delivers a holistic approach that connects patients to their medications across care settings, and helps healthcare organizations of all sizes improve patient outcomes while reducing cost. For more information about PipelineRx, please visit www.pipelinerx.com or find the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

((1)) AJHP, May 2018
((2)) American College of Cardiology, March 2019

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