Wendi Weiner to Speak About Online Reputation Management at Resume Writing Conference

MIAMI, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Wendi Weiner, attorney, top executive resume writer, and owner of The Writing Guru has been selected as a breakout session speaker for the first-ever resume writing conference at sea this September.

As the former Ethics Chair and Board Member of The National Resume Writers' Association (NRWA), her topic, "Securing and Protecting Your Online Reputation in the Digital Age," is an integral issue that she says all resume writing businesses face today.

"Since the resume industry is unregulated, we are at a critical time to educate consumers about the protocols for hiring a resume writer and to protect our digital reputations. My presentation is aimed at helping other resume writers confidentially approach cyberattacks rather than fear them, showing how resume writers can combat negative or false reviews, and arming them with practical strategies to boost their online reputation and visibility. I'm truly honored to speak at this year's conference as the resume industry is unified when it comes to safeguarding against cyberattacks."

According to Virginia Franco, the 2019 President of the NRWA, "A majority of our members are small business owners - they have limited tools and limited budgets to combat cyberbullying and deceptive cyber practices. Wendi's presentations are always rich in information and actionable next steps. She's earned the reputation over the years as a must-see presenter -- and her powerful content will make this year no exception."

Highly respected among colleagues and resume writing organizations, Wendi Weiner credits the strength of her online reputation to her social media and nationwide speaking presence, features and publications in more than 50 major media outlets, resume writing and career coaching credentials, and consistent 5-star reviews. She is also deeply committed to advancing the ethics and integrity of resume writers and helping them grow a positive public image through their own PR efforts.

"It's taken me years to build my authentic brand and digital footprint. I want other resume writers, whether experienced or new to this industry, to have those same tools in their arsenal in case they are faced with a cyberattack from an unsavory competitor, disgruntled client, or a random online troll."

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