One-Of-A Kind Drug & Alcohol Licensed Recovery Home Opens Outside Chicago

ELGIN, Ill., May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago-based Footprints to Recovery opened its doors today to its new licensed recovery home in Elgin. Different from a halfway house because it's regulated by the state, the new FTR Recovery Home complements Footprints to Recovery's existing drug and alcohol treatment programming. Those receiving treatment at their outpatient facility in Arlington Heights now have the opportunity to move into a highly-regulated sober living situation.

Footprints to Recovery also welcomed Melissa Rocchi as their Chicago-based EVP of Operations. With 15 years' experience in healthcare, Melissa brings her expertise to Footprints to Recovery at an optimal time. Her role will oversee the new home in Elgin and the Arlington Heights facility.

According to Rocchi, "there are tremendous benefits to sober living. It provides a community for individuals in recovery to be surrounded by like-minded people and integrate the things they're learning, while also working on their sobriety."

Melissa's tips for reducing mental health and addiction stigma:

    1. Know the facts. Educate yourself and learn about addiction and mental
       health problems. Make sure you know the facts, as there are many myths
       out there.
    2. Words matter. Think about the terms used to describe people experiencing
       mental health addiction issues. Engage in respectful dialogue.
    3. Never reduce people to a diagnosis. People with mental health and
       substance use problems make valuable contributions to society. If someone
       breaks their leg, it doesn't mean they're broken. Stop focusing on one
       part of someone, rather see them as a whole.
    4. Use your influence and educate. We're all connected to one another. Be a
       voice for fairness and truth with people in your life.
    5. Support people. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
       Don't minimize or dramatize - encourage people to get the treatment they
       need and deserve.

Recovery Home Facts:

    --  Licensed by Illinois Department of Human Services
    --  24/7 staff support
    --  Transportation to/from clinical programming
    --  Life skills counseling
    --  Peer and community-led support groups
    --  Planned activities
    --  Apartment-style living

About Footprints to Recovery:
Footprints to Recovery is a collection of regional drug and alcohol treatment centers with headquarters in Chicago and facilities in Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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