Women's Excellence Aids in Lowering C-Section Rate for Michigan With Midwifery and Physician Collaborative Care

DETROIT, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Women's Excellence is pleased to announce a low c-section rate of 11.46% of all births from the Women's Excellence obstetrical and midwifery team.

The target c-section rate for the state of Michigan is 23.9%, which has been initiated by the Department of Health and Human Services campaign, Healthy People 2020. The current c-section rate for Michigan resides at 26.6%.

C-sections are necessary in some lifesaving circumstances, but they can also impose serious risks for mothers and babies including:

    --  Pain and soreness
    --  Increased risk for infection and blood loss
    --  Increased risk for injuries to other organs
    --  Inflammation of the uterus

"Our number one goal is to keep both the mom and baby healthy during labor and delivery. Birth is a natural process and we've dedicated resources and implemented protocols to ensure that we adhere to this philosophy." Dr. Jonathan Zaidan, MD, FACOG, President of Women's Excellence

Women's Excellence has developed a large team of physicians and midwives to collaborate on patient care. Midwives are registered nurses who have earned a master's degree in nursing with emphasis on midwifery care. The Midwives at Women's Excellence offer patients a more personalized approach to prenatal care by spending more time with the patient and becoming their prenatal liaison for information, questions, and guidance. An Ob/Gyn physician is specially trained to provide medical and surgical care for patients. By offering both physicians and midwives, Women's Excellence offers patients the added benefits of having one-on-one care, clinical expertise, and physicians available in emergent situations throughout their entire prenatal care.

"Our job is to encourage our patients and give them the confidence they need during labor and delivery. Our midwives offer continuous surveillance and encouragement during this process. Our patients understand that we are committed to natural birth and that a c-section is only recommended when it is absolutely medically necessary." Dr. Jonathan Zaidan

Women's Excellence recommends asking your doctor what percentage of babies are delivered by c-section. This information is imperative in finding a team that has your best interests and overall health in mind during your prenatal care.

Women's Excellence offers midwifery services in Clarkston, Birmingham, Lake Orion, and West Bloomfield.

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Appointments can also be made at (248) 693-0543.

Women's Excellence is the most comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic office in Michigan. Additionally, they specialize in menopause, weight control, bladder control, endometriosis, robotic surgery, oncology, and midwifery services. Women's Excellence is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation with cutting edge technologies utilizing robotic surgery and minimally invasive surgical options when possible. The knowledgeable, compassionate physicians and healthcare providers of Women's Excellence focus on patient-centered processes to deliver the highest quality of care. They are affiliated with most insurances. They offer seamless medical record access via a state-of-the-art patient portal and use the latest technology for record keeping and sharing, making the patient experience easier and more efficient. Women's Excellence is taking new patients and is conveniently located throughout southeastern Michigan in Birmingham, Lake Orion, Clarkston, Rochester, and West Bloomfield. Coming soon, Women's Excellence will open locations in Royal Oak and Lapeer, Michigan. For more information, visit?http://www.WomensExcellence.com.

SOURCE Women's Excellence