Pcysys Announces PenTera(TM) 3.0, Providing a Breakthrough in Cyber Security Penetration Testing

BOSTON and TEL AVIV, Israel, June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pcysys, provider of the PenTera(TM) Automated Penetration Testing platform, announced today the availability of version 3.0, enabling CISOs to validate their organizational network security daily.

Focused on network and infrastructure, PenTera creates a new category by automating a critical cybersecurity function that, until now, was delivered as an expensive manual service - penetration testing. The platform enables businesses to continuously validate their security defenses against the latest cyber attacks and exploits. The platform is also available for Consultants and MSSPs to provide more competitive penetration testing services to their customers.

"Our roadmap is driven by the use cases coming from our many enterprise customers who are finding new ways to become more efficient in their risk validation practices," said VP Products of Pcysys, Ran Tamir. "PenTera is a digital penetration testing platform that enables CISOs to find a fresh penetration testing report for the organization on their desk every morning and better guide their decisions as a result."

New PenTera 3.0 features include:

    --  Cyber resilience score: every pen-test generates a scorecard and a
        resilience score in critical cybersecurity areas as privileged users,
        password strength, lateral movement, critical (static) vulnerabilities,
        and endpoint security. This score helps focus remediation and governance
        on the areas at risk as well as prove the returns on cybersecurity
        technology investments
    --  SIEM integration: whether you run a stealthy or a noisy pen-test, the
        results can now be integrated into the company's SIEM to allow the SOC
        operators to have a full view of both the attack flow and
        prevention/detection activity
    --  Single-method tests: algorithmic pen-testing enables the discovery of
        complete kill-chains involving many vulnerabilities and hacking
        techniques, however, sometimes a lean test of a single exploit or
        vulnerability is required. The new single-method tests "a-la-carte" menu
        enables the selection of focused attacks of interest as a pen-testing
    --  Enhanced attack capabilities: new attack techniques, remote execution,
        payloads, and evasion methods to assure the latest hacking techniques
        are tested against
    --  Remediation portal: Wiki-like documentation to explain the insight and
        impact of the found vulnerabilities, recommendations for remediation and
        configuration, as well as the technologies available to mitigate those

"The incumbent vulnerability scanning approach has proven less effective in detecting and prioritizing verified kill-chain vulnerabilities," said CMO, Aviv Cohen. "It's time for a different approach that discovers real attack vectors and points to the minimal amount of remediation needed to cut all of these kill chains."

About Pcysys:

Pcysys (http://www.pcysys.com) delivers an automated Penetration-Testing platform that assesses and reduces corporate cybersecurity risks. By applying the hacker's perspective, our software identifies, analyzes and remediates cyber defense vulnerabilities. Security officers and service providers around the world use Pcysys to perform continuous machine-based penetration tests and improve their immunity against cyber attacks across their organizational networks.

Aviv Cohen, CMO

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