User-driven Production and Distribution Network For Media Content, Translucent Portals Inc., Launches Minimum Viable Product,, and Soon Will Go Public

FRISCO, Texas, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Privately held Translucent Portals Corporation, a c-corp in the state of Texas, generates revenue by way of online subscription sales and advertising. The Company recently announced that it intends to go public via a reverse merger with a yet to be defined public company.

Translucent Portals Inc., is the sole holding Company of, a revolutionary site that enables contributing Teachers to generate additional sources of income through resource sharing.

The Company's distribution model consists of a wide selection of websites, each targeting niche markets. Each niche market selected has a minimum base of 100,000 members. Translucent Portals believes it can attract at least 10 percent of those users.

By targeting niche sites, the Company also believes that it can build dedicated communities of members for each niche market. These communities will be ready-made blocks to be targeted by advertisers. In fact, ultimately advertising will drive Company revenue. By offering large amounts of niche content, the Company will sell large volumes of related products. Moreover, since end-users produce the bulk of their content, they will be able to produce it cheaply, thus maximizing returns.

"If you multiply each potential interest group (i.e. website) by the total amount of potential users per site, the overall number of memberships across the network can be substantial," says Adam Sayed Hamid, Founder and CEO of Translucent Portals Inc. "We want to provide ordinary people the opportunity to monetize their content by distributing said content through viable and sustainable channels. People's time is of value. They should be entitled to a pro-rated piece of the gross revenues," Hamid further explained.

Site members who develop content will be paid for licensing their material to the platform. Like TV and pop stars, musicians and authors, people will earn residuals every time their materials are downloaded and/or viewed. Seventy percent of each site's total revenue will be split among contributing content creators, solely based on viewership time and/or downloads. "Think Facebook, meets YouTube, meets Itunes," Hamid states.

At some point, Translucent Portals Inc., will begin producing original content. From their niche sites, they believe they can identify talented producers to create and develop both scripted and unscripted content. Original material will be distributed through the creation of a new niche market website. The Company is dedicated to producing quality entertainment and to finding the stars of tomorrow by providing them exposure today.

Translucent Portals Inc., is currently raising $3.3m at a $33m valuation by way of a Series A round of financing. Use of Proceeds include but are not limited to hiring of proper personnel, purchasing equipment & inventory, filing of 15c2-11, advertising, and completion of direct listing prospectus. Hamid says, "Translucent Portals anticipates completing the reverse merger by September with the intent of obtaining a symbol and trading shortly thereafter. Concerning the public offering and valuation, we strategically plan on breaking startup records."

About Translucent Portals
Translucent Portals is a user-driven production and distribution network for media content. Focusing on niche markets such as education and local areas, Translucent Portals builds dedicated communities of members who both supply and consume the content offered on its websites.

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