Tech Solution for Contractors adds Enhanced Aerial Images 4X Clearer than Google Maps

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --, a South Florida-based software company with a popular application used by construction, roofing, and real estate development contractors, this month released its newly developed Clearoof(TM). The innovation leverages 3" sq. pixel aerial photography which is 4-times clearer than Google's 6" sq. pixel satellite images* and 16-times clearer than Apple Maps or Bing Maps.

In addition to the higher resolutions, iRoofing's technology upgrade gives contractors a means to retrieve overhead images dating back several months. They can choose the date on which the clearest and most unobscured image was captured. Clear imagery is vital to accurate and efficient measurement.

"Our portable app has already given contractors a full-featured, affordable, do-it-yourself measurement tool leveraging satellite imagery and standard aerial images. The system automatically converts measurements into a full estimate that includes all labor, services, and materials, right down to the number of roofing nails needed," said Daniel Meridor, a co-CEO of iRoofing. "By developing Clearoof(TM) we have removed the last barrier to fulfilling our customers' complete needs," he said. Before, if a satellite or aerial image was hindered by obstructions such as springtime foliage, they were stuck with it. Now they can go back in time."

While the iRoofing application is robust and multi-faceted, Meridor, an architectural scholar and a designer, has made sure that it's extremely easy to use, lessening the apprehension some construction professionals have about transitioning to DIY technology. "As we consistently work to perfect the solution with improvements like Clearoof(TM), we leave no reason for contractors to spend money on individual 3rd-party roof reports. Their confidence in our technology is reinforced. At the end of the day we are here to empower contractors," said Meridor.

Clearoof's addition to the iRoofing app extends its usefulness into other professions. Landscape design companies, fence and decking contractors, paving companies, real estate brokers, architects, land developers, and others can benefit from iRoofing's high-resolution aerial images. The innovation may also help insurance providers substantiate property damage claims.

For a demonstration of iRoofing and Clearoof(TM), or to arrange an interview with iRoofing's Co-CEO, Daniel Meridor, contact Tom Grasse at 800-646-6270.



Founded in 2012, iRoofing LLC is a U.S.-based company with headquarters at 3127 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach FL 33009. iRoofing is currently available in North America, parts of Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. The company has been a leader in providing software solutions to support the needs of contractors.

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