cloudHQ Shares Top Tips for Improving Productivity and Workflow

NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, less than 5% of the companies who responded to the survey had a rigorous and disciplined process for focusing on management's top priorities. These aren't failing or floundering companies, either. Some of the companies included in the survey are among the world's biggest and most well-funded.

The right productivity method can make a huge difference in work. A frictionless workflow can take people from feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, and unproductive to feeling calm, in control, and prepared to take on even the biggest projects.

The good news is, there are new methods being developed, tweaked, and shared all the time. There's bound to be a system out there that fits a person's unique personality and projects. But wading through the thousands of articles about different productivity systems can be a massive time commitment -- time that could otherwise be used to get things done.

To minimize the amount of time spent reviewing how to improve workflow, cloudHQ is sharing their take on productivity and how to improve the workflow process.

cloudHQ is a popular email management company based in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2011 by Senad Dizdar, who is currently the CEO. Since 2013, the company has added Naomi Assaraf as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Blaz Lupiscek as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to their executive board of operations.

They focus on offering a selection of over 60 simple Chrome extensions that work right out of Gmail, with virtually all of them offering a freemium business model.

For example, one of their favorites is Gmail Email Templates, which offers an easy way to create a professional-looking email. They offer a free email template library that's well-designed and easily customizable. They even give the user the option to copy a competitors' email, and substitute the images and text for the user's own.

For another way to improve workflow, Naomi Assaraf says, "Identify inefficiencies." The discovery phase of the process management and current workflows always uncovers inefficiencies within companies, divisions and departments. Attribute a lot of the success to over 4M installs in less than 5 years and a fully remote team of only 8 workers. This attention to process workflow management is a healthy sign of a productive company and a step in the right direction toward increased efficiency.

Naomi Assaraf

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