x.ai Makes Its Scheduling AI Free and Opens Up Its Scheduling Network To Everyone

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Today, x.ai makes its scheduling AI free, giving anyone anywhere the ability to automatically schedule meetings at no cost. Known for its audacity and big bet on AI, x.ai spent the past five years annotating a massive scheduling data set and developing the algorithms needed to fully automate scheduling. That work has paid off, supporting the launch of its free product.

Full automation means x.ai can realize its vision of building the world's first and largest scheduling network. Much as Venmo removes the friction of transferring cash for both parties, participating in x.ai's scheduling network removes nearly all of the friction of getting a meeting on the calendar.

By joining x.ai's network, meeting participants experience near instant scheduling. No one has to click a link and then toggle back to their own calendar to select a time. No one has to email Amy or Andrew a suggested day, time, and location. No one has to share a set of open slots or expose their availability. This is true whether or not you initiate the meeting. And users maintain total control of their data, since x.ai's business model is to offer premium services.

As x.ai has moved to full automation, its AI engine has also achieved superhuman accuracy.

According to CEO/Founder Dennis Mortensen, "This is what AI looks like in 2019. It's not talking bots. The work happens almost entirely in the background. Network effects benefit both active and passive users. And with 100% accuracy, there's no drama. It's not sexy. In fact, it might even be a little dull."

For x.ai, the launch of its free product marks a major milestone toward its goal of making meeting scheduling obsolete. The free edition opens x.ai's full feature set to everyone. You can set up a team meeting by Slacking Amy or Andrew. You can send a candidate a link to a set of available slots for a screening call. You can add Amy or Andrew to an email thread with a potential client to set up a time for a demo. Put simply: you can schedule wherever you work, whether that's SalesForce or Greenhouse or any of hundreds of other apps via x.ai's Zapier integration.

However you initiate the meeting, x.ai's system will follow up to get any missing details and make sure your meeting gets on the calendar. And ideally, while doing so, your guest will connect to the network for a hassle-free future.

Besides near instant, automatic scheduling, the network makes rescheduling or changing the location of a meeting so easy as to remove any shame--that is, so long as you're kind enough to give your friends and colleagues a little bit of warning.

"Oh wow. That's actually the most incredible experience ever. When x.ai has both calendars that totally rocks. Everyone should have x.ai. This should just be a PSA." -- Matt Harris, CEO of Bloom Credit

In the not too distant future, x.ai will be able to optimize for all meeting participants in a way that not even a professional human assistant might. For instance, if a user is trying to schedule three meetings in midtown Manhattan, rather than distribute them across multiple days, x.ai will be able to book them in a single day, shifting the schedules of other participants seamlessly, if need be.

x.ai represents the future of high-value, utilitarian social networks--including Venmo, DocuSign, and DropBox. You may not be a daily user of these services, still you sign up just to ensure that on those occasions you need to pay someone, sign a legal document, or now schedule a meeting with someone else in the network, you can do so without a second thought.

About x.ai
Founded in 2014, x.ai is a technology company with a mission to make meeting scheduling obsolete. We've built a scheduling network that enables instant, autonomous meeting scheduling from wherever you work. We believe in invisible software, kindness as a design principle, and the power of AI to increase human potential.

We're backed by blue chip investors including IA Ventures, Softbank Capital, Firstmark, and Two Sigma Ventures. We are located in New York City.