JotForm Announces PayPal Commerce Platform Integration for Improved Buyer Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, June 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Online form building software JotForm announced an integration with the PayPal Commerce Platform, an all-in-one payment platform where customers can pay the way they want in more than 100 currencies across a growing number of markets, including in North America and Europe. Labeled PayPal Business for JotForm users, this integration significantly improves the checkout experience for anyone purchasing through a payment form.

"JotForm users have been asking for a way to accept multiple payment types through their forms for a long time," said Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of JotForm. "We're so pleased to be able to offer this advanced PayPal credit card integration so it's easier than ever for their customers to pay them."

The integration is designed to improve payments for a range of businesses, including shops selling products online, nonprofits collecting donations, schools and municipalities collecting fees and more. When someone fills out a payment form, they're now presented with payment options so they can choose the one they prefer.

Using PayPal Commerce Platform, JotForm users can accept

    --  Direct credit card payments: all major credit and debit cards
    --  Payments between PayPal accounts
    --  PayPal Credit: a financing option that lets shoppers pay over time while
        you get paid in full, up front
    --  Alternative payment methods: intelligently presents customers with local
        payment methods based on their location, including Venmo in the United
        States and iDEAL in the Netherlands

Setting up the integration is a fast process. From JotForm's Form Builder, users can add PayPal Business just like they would any other form field -- with a quick drag and drop. Then they can connect their PayPal accounts or sign up for a new one right from JotForm.

"JotForm users already love collecting payments using our existing PayPal integration. But this new integration really takes it to the next level," said Tank.

Another major benefit of the new integration is it opens JotForm users up to new global markets if they sell internationally. The PayPal Commerce Platform enables merchants to accept many different types of currency across North America and Europe, as well as a growing number of markets.

Visit JotForm to learn more about the new integration with the PayPal Commerce Platform or to create your first credit card form.

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