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SkyDec, is a renowned innovator, developer and supplier of innovative military hard- and software with a special focus on navigation and communication for defense organizations around the world. What truly distinguishes SkyDec products is the ability to customize and interface military GPS systems into existing configurations of applications on modern and sophisticated military vessels and vehicles. In short, a real one-stop-shop.

The smart combination of military experience, extensive technical knowledge of GPS and a distinct insight in users’ demands and practices has led not only to an innovative assortment of hardware and software, but also to a unique approach of supplying military organizations. SkyDec understands the complexity of modern day navy vessels, initiates innovation and has a truly informed and experienced vision on the present and future possibilities of satellite-based positioning systems.

SkyDec’s product range comprises a varied range of high-end navigation systems and GPS-related hardware and software. As one of the few suppliers in Europe, SkyDec is certified to integrate the military application of the GPS signal (SAASM) and besides, has obtained the (DNV) ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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SkyDec’s top-of-the-range host and navigation system, specifically for High Value Units. The most flexible and versatile system to provide all systems on board with GPS data using standard or customised outputs. Equipped with a SAASM enabled GPS for Precise Positioning Service and advanced capabilities against jamming. Optional extenders include an eLoran receiver, SBAS & DGPS receiver, port replicators, a redundancy switch and extenders designed specifically for your vessel.

NGNS04 MKIII host system 
The NGNS04 MKIII is SkyDec’s top-of-the-range naval GPS host and navigation system, and is especially designed as highly reliable data distribution unit for High Value Units.
SkyDec engineers went to great lengths to make it the most flexible, versatile and reliable GPS system possible for use on high-end naval vessels like destroyers, aircraft carriers, frigates and transport ships, with optionally missile and/or ammunition interfaces to GPS guided projectiles. It goes without saying that this high-end host system is supplied with the renowned interfacing and customizing capabilities that make SkyDec a genuinely valuable partner in technological challenging and highly complex environments.


High-end navigation signal systems can be compact and modular. The 06Series provides all systems with accurate and reliable GPS data and HQIIA signal. The systems runs on SkyDec’s PCB’s and ‘Sentinel’ software, and includes an SPS receiver. Capabilities can be expanded with extenders, a port replicator, a redundancy switch and a vessel or system specific extender. All extenders are one unit high and can easily be mounted above the host system in the same 19” rack. Designed for a 19” rack, the system can also be delivered in a protective housing on shock mounts. 06SERIES are available in a GNSS(GPS) and eLoran version.

06SERIES host system
The 06SERIES by SkyDec proves without doubt that high-end military GPS systems can be compact and modular, easy to adapt and professionally versatile at the same time. This military off-the-shelf data distribution unit is the perfect and cost effective solution for any naval vessel in need of highly accurate positioning and time data, but without the need for a missile interface. The 06SERIES provides all systems on vessels like frigates, patrol vessels, but also High Value Units and aircraft carriers, with accurate and reliable GPS data via any standard or, if desired, customized outputs necessary. This unique GPS host and navigation system is designed to offer top performance in challenging circumstances without the hassle and extensive lead-time. 

The LORADD Host System is an integrated eLoran receiver made for marine applications, providing independent eLoran position solutions as well as an integrated solution. It can be configured as back up for GNSS systems, where the eLoran receiver is calibrated by GNSS as long as it remains available to achieve the highest eLoran position accuracy once GNSS signals are denied. The system is type-tested against MIL STDs for climate, shock & vibration and EMC/EMI.


As rugged as military navigation data distribution units get. The 07Series is designed to provide reliable and accurate GPS and time data on submarines, small vessels, army vehicles and helicopters. It is designed for effectiveness under any conditions, and can be equipped with SAASM enabled GPS for Precise Positioning Service and advanced capability on counter jamming.

NGNS07 GPS host system
The NGNS07 military GPS system is probably as rugged as military navigation data distribution units get. The system is designed to provide reliable and accurate GPS and time data on army vehicles, helicopters and small naval vessels. Originally designed for submarines, the system is built to perform under rough and challenging physical circumstances, taking up as little space as possible, whilst supplying a limited amount of systems on board with reliable GPS data. Especially on the forefront of the battlefield there is no need for a surplus of ballast and capabilities. It is effectiveness that counts and which outweighs versatility, and being effective under any conditions is exactly where the NGNS07 by SkyDec exceeds in.

04SERIES at LST of the Turkish Navy

Client: Turkish Navy
Year: 2015 - 2016
System: 04SERIES

ABOUT PROJECT: SkyDec 04SERIES at LST of the Turkish Navy. The LST is a mono-hull type vessel, all steel construction, designed to meet the speed, sea keeping maneuverability and stability requirements of Turkish Naval Forces Command. The LSTs are primarily intended for amphibious missions and transportation of troops and equipment, while their secondary missions include humanitarian aid, disaster relief, medical assistance and transportation. To avoid latency issues, SkyDec signal extenders are applied to feed all ships systems with position, timing and synchronization signals.

04SERIES at Turkish Milgem Class Multimission Corvettes

Client: Turkish Navy
Year: 2010 - present
System: 04SERIES

ABOUT PROJECT: SkyDec 04SERIES at Turkish Milgem Class multimission corvettes. The MİLGEM project, from the Turkish words Milli Gemi (National Ship), is a Turkish national warship program, the purpose of which was to build a modern littoral combat warship with indigenous anti-submarine warfare and high-seas patrol capabilities, extensively using the principles of stealth technology in its design. The Milgem program consists of two type of vessels: the Ada class corvettes and TF-100 frigates. SkyDec’s NGNS04 was selected to provide position, timing and synchronization signals over customized interfaces.

04SERIES for the Spanish Navy

Client: Sainsel
Year: 2015
System: 04SERIES

ABOUT PROJECT: SkyDec 04SERIES at commissioned BAM “Relámpago” for the Spanish Navy commissioned by Navantia. BAM is a moderately sized, high performance ship with great versatility regarding missions, enjoys a high level of system commonality with other Spanish Navy ships and has low acquisition and life cycle costs.

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