StatLab Medical Products Granted Patent for Tissue Microarray Controls

MCKINNEY, Texas, Sept. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- StatLab Medical Products is pleased to announce the receipt of patent No. 10,329,623, a novel method for development of an improved tissue-like control created by Dr. S. Ashraf Imam, Director of Advanced Diagnostics Research and Development at StatLab, and Dr. Mark Rees, SVP of Innovation and Research and Development at StatLab.

Dr. Mark Rees commented, "Standardization is critically important in pathology laboratories where improved monitoring of assay consistency can lead to more accurate diagnosis and prognosis for cancer patients. Until now, only patient archival tissue and cell lines have been available for use as controls for IHC, FISH, and CISH, but both have flaws with consistency and morphological appearance, respectively.

"Our research and development team, led by Dr. Ashraf Imam, identified the need for consistency, and developed the world's first true control technology that results in a product resembling the morphology of actual cancer tissue while providing true standardization. We're excited about the impact this will have in the industry."

"The granting of this patent reflects StatLab's commitment to providing access to quality products through focused research and development," said StatLab CEO, Dan Eckert. "We're building on our proven reputation of partnering with our customers to meet their needs."

The patented methods are used by TruQ Controls(TM), launched by StatLab Medical Products. TruQ Controls are the industry's first 3D reference standard tissue controls that resemble human tissue and offer complete consistency. The product is in use by CIQC (Canadian Immunohistochemistry Quality Control) as part of their EQA (external quality assurance) testing protocols for laboratory proficiency, and in leading cancer centers. TruQ Controls have a wide range of potential applications, including monitoring of intra-assay variation, optimization and validation of antibodies, and interlaboratory standardization utilized in proficiency testing.

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