Air Products Awarded New Contract to Supply Samwha Capacitor in Yongin, South Korea

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa., Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Air Products (NYSE: APD) today announced it has been awarded a contract to supply on-site nitrogen to Samwha Capacitor's new multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) plant being built adjacent to its existing plant in Yongin, South Korea. An affiliate of Samwha Capacitor Group--Korea's leading passive electronic component manufacturer--Samwha Capacitor is one of the major MLCC suppliers in the country.

Air Products has been supplying on-site nitrogen to Samwha Capacitor's Yongin site, which produces MLCCs for the automotive and electronics industries. Under the new contract, Air Products will expand its nitrogen capacity to support the increasing demand from Samwha Capacitor's existing and new plants.

"Air Products is honored to strengthen our relationship with Samwha Capacitor and be selected once again to support their growth and expansion," said Kyo-Yung Kim, president of Air Products Korea. "Advancements in automotive, 5G and other modern technologies are expected to remain a key driver of MLCC demand. Our safety, reliability, operational excellence and experience will continue to position us to support the robust development of Korea's MLCC market."

MLCCs are passive electronic components that store electrical energy. With a small physical size and large storage capability, MLCCs are widely used in electric and autonomous vehicles, and other modern technology fields, such as smartphones, telecommunications, data processing, personal computers, hard disks and video cameras.

A leading integrated gases supplier, Air Products has been serving the global electronics industry for more than 40 years, delivering industrial gases safely and reliably to many of the world's largest technology companies to develop the next generation of electronic devices. The company also supplies many manufacturers for the production of key components used in electric vehicles, including rechargeable batteries.

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