Workato and Zendesk Collaborate to Bring Enterprise Automation to Critical Support Processes

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Workato, the leading Enterprise Automation Platform, today announced a collaboration with Zendesk, Inc. to bring customers enterprise grade integrations and automations between its customers' key systems and Zendesk. As part of the collaboration, Workato has extended support for the new Zendesk Sunshine CRM with a pre-built connector as well as implemented a limited edition Introduction Package.

There is a growing need for enterprises to continue providing better support experiences, a holistic view of customers, and innovative ways to make ticketing as painless as possible. The stakes and volume of support needed for these companies is high: one joint customer supports 600 million customers who have registered over 1 billion products. They are able to use Workato to make their entire Return Merchandise Authorization process visible in Zendesk by accessing 20 APIs. This way, if a customer calls, the agent is able to see the labels, status, and tracking from their shipping provider; whether it has been refunded or not; and Inventory, SKUs, and the 35,000+ item catalog at a click of a button in Zendesk. Despite the complexity of the process - which generally takes around 9 months - they were able to go live in just 9 weeks.

Enterprises have also begun using Workato and Zendesk to create tickets completely human free. A prominent resort chain gets thousands of guest inquiries with 20% going unanswered. Now these inquiries go straight to a Recurrent Neural Network where Artificial Intelligence will route the ticket to the correct agent and Workato will create the ticket in Zendesk to ensure 100% of tickets are answered.

"Veyo is pioneering the next generation of patient transportation with the first and only fleet of healthcare-credentialed rideshare drivers, who offer a level of service never before seen in NEMT. Customer experience is our top priority, which is why we offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in over 170 languages, assisting with eligibility, trip booking, recurring trips, and trip assistance," said David Gibson, VP of Operations at Veyo. "With Workato we are able to keep track of what's happening with our customers on the road and log it in Zendesk so we have a real-time, holistic view enabling us to improve member outcomes."

Common enterprise uses of Workato and Zendesk include:

    --  CRM - Zendesk: Track support hours per customer, prioritize high value
    --  RMA Automation: Get a full view of the order and return process in
    --  Issue to Resolution: Allow Support to Developer escalation with the
        click of a button and automatic status updates as the issue moves
        through the development lifecycle.
    --  Connecting multiple instances of Zendesk
    --  Support Bots and Helpdesk Bots: Create support bots and helpdesk bots
        for Slack or Microsoft Teams to reduce friction and pre-empt ticket
    --  360 Customer Warehouse: Move data from Zendesk, CRM, and Marketing tool
        into a warehouse like Snowflake for a holistic view of the customer
        across departments.
    --  Smart Ticketing: Allow employees to create tickets from the field via
        SMS, from Slack, or by leaving a voicemail. Create tickets totally human
        free using AI.

Mutual customers for Workato and Zendesk include Gainsight, Gusto, EQT, LucidChart, Paysafe, Puppet, Jumia, and more.

"The best customer experiences are built with Zendesk and often that requires bringing insights from disparate data sources and applications into the platform," said Norman Gennaro, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Zendesk. "We are excited to partner with Workato to enable enterprises to provide connected customer experiences with Workato's new Sunshine Connector as well as the hundreds of other cloud and on-prem applications they can connect to Zendesk."

To learn about how Workato and Zendesk are changing the support landscape for Enterprises more see a demo.

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