Thunder Energies (OTCQB:TNRG) Announces Cooperation Agreement with Chinese Optics Company to Develop New Consumer Telescopes

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla., Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Thunder Energies Corporation (a publicly traded Company at the OTC:QB with stock symbol TNRG) announced today a Cooperation Agreement with Zhengzou Union Optics Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou City, China, for development of a consumer-oriented pair of conventional and isodual small telescopes connected to smart phones or computers. (Isodual light is popularly known as antimatter light.)

Dr. R. M. Santilli, Thunder Energies CEO and Chief Scientist, states: "Following the development of our pair of conventional and isodual telescopes for astronomical observations , we have been diligently working at the development of a consumer oriented pair of small telescopes. Thanks to the continued collaboration by Zhengzou Union Optics Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou City, China , we have been able to solve major technical problems of adapting our isodual scopes to a smart phone. We are now developing a pair of conventional and isodual scopes that can be attached to a smart phone or to a computer via WiFi."

"It was popularly believed for centuries that objects do not exist unless we can see them with our eyes or with a Galileo telescope. Things are much different at the dawn of the third millennium because we know nowadays that crafts can achieve complete invisibility via the manipulation of the emitted light," Dr. Santilli explains.

"A first class of manipulation consists in passing light through sufficiently hot (cold) media resulting in a frequency shift from the visible to the ultraviolet (infrared). These light modifications have been scientifically established in numerous tests ( A number of civilian and military electronic implementation of the Galileo telescope have been developed for the detection of objects solely emitting ultraviolet or infrared light."

"The novel isodual, optics first initiated by Thunder Energies, is aimed at the different detection of advanced crafts achieving total invisibility to the eye as well as to all available Galileo-type equipment via structural changes of light, rather than the mere change of the frequency, such as the change of the index of refraction. Thunder Energies' Isodual Optics aims at the development of basically new optical instruments capable of detecting the latter structurally modified light."

"Our Government has recently admitted the existence of UFO, also called UAP, ITE, et al., which have been seen by millions of people all over the world ( .

For our own National Security it is time to admit that the same advanced crafts can achieve invisibility via structural modifications of light. In fact, crafts solely visible via the isodual telescopes have been detected by some of our customers as well as by myself while generally hovering over important civilian or military installations ( Therefore, the aim of our Optics Division is to provide to consumers a pair of conventional and isodual scopes that can be either used directly, or attached to a smart phone or computer, for a better detection of crafts emitting "all" currently known forms of light," Dr. Santilli concluded.

Thunder Energies Corporation (TNRG): Thunder Energies is focused, on the manufacturing, sale and service of three new cutting edge technologies: the new Santilli telescopes with concave lenses; the new hadronic reactors for the synthesis of the neutron from the hydrogen gas; and the new HyperFurnaces for the full combustion of fossil fuels. These technologies have been organized into three Divisions: Optics Division, Scanning Division, Combustion Division. Visit for more information.

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